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Ducks in Your Pool

Ducks in Your pool can be a real pain and a real mess. But there are safe and effective ways of scaring them off without harming them. Two of my favorite methods are Aligator floats and Gazing Balls (Pond Orbs).

Scare ducks away!
Pond orb to scare ducks away

Ducks can really make a mess of your swimming pool. I have a lot of the first-hand experience of this in my service area. Within a few days, a perfectly balanced crystal clear pool can become a swamp with just two ducks swimming in it. The problem is waste. They are constantly excreting, and their waste is very acidic so if your pool is a brand new construction just filled, I have seen some bad stains from ducks in new pools. The waste will use up the chlorine in the pool and very quickly the water will look more like a pond than a pool.


Dogs are pretty useless in getting rid of them and they have little fear of humans. If you do get them to fly away they will return within minutes. But it is not hopeless. I have had very good success with keeping ducks out of a pool using a $20.00 Alligator Float. The ducks just don’t like the looks of it and will not go into the pool in most cases. Other pool guys also have said that Swan floats are also effective. If the floats do not work the next step up is Floating Glazing Balls or Pond Orbs. These are stainless steel balls that are 10-12” in diameter and you would simply put 4-5 of them in the pool. As they float around the ducks will soon leave, one customer said that the ducks don’t like their reflection. Whatever the reason the floating stainless steel orbs are very effective. They are a little pricey though at $30-$40 apiece but if the floats fail the floating orbs will succeed.

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