Mako Bags: High Quality & Affordable Replacement Bags for your Power Vac & Hammer-Head Vacuum Systems 


One of the main expenses of using a Pool Vacuum System like the Power Vac or Hammer-Head is the price of the replacement bags. The bags do wear out over time and if you use the cleaner often you will go through a lot of bags each year. That is why a company like Mako Power Vac Bags is a great resource for the pool service professional. They make great replacement bags but at half the cost of the OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) bags.


Mako Power Vac Bags makes a variety of replacement bags. Their most popular bag is their Regular All Purpose Bag. This bag does a great job picking up leaves as well as sand and fine dirt. This would be your primary bag for everyday use on your pool route. Priced at only $15.00 it is a great value and the bag you will want to order.


They also make a small Spa bag (18” x 14”) which is perfect for water features, Infinity Edge Pool troughs and of course spas. They sell an Extra Large Regular bag which is 40” x 18” for those pools with a lot of debris in it. This bag would be handy for wind storm cleanups or those pools that just get a ton of debris in them each week. They also carry a Heavy Duty Bag. The Heavy Duty bag is great for water features, ponds, green pool clean up and any pool with a lot of large leaf debris. You really can't beat the price point and quality of these bags.


The bags are designed with a simple pull string and clip and they take only seconds to put on and remove. The quality of the bags is very good and the design has some features not found on the OEM bags. Across the bottom is a thick layer of cloth with the USA flag stripes across it giving the bag superior support. The Regular bag picked up quite a lot of dirt in my testing and although there is no micron rating on the bag I would place it under 100 microns for sure. For the price, you are getting a solid product that can be used over and over again without any issues.


So with the Mako bags, you are saving money without sacrificing the quality of the bags. In my testing, the bag performed just like the OEM bag and anytime you can save money on your equipment cost is money in the bank.


The Mako bags are also made right here in the USA so not only is the price point great, you are getting an American Made Product. The bags are made in Florida and buying American is the way to go. You can order the Mako Power Vac Bags directly from their website.


If you would like to learn more about the Power Vac Vacuum system I have several videos on the product. I think a Pool Vacuum System is a must-have for anyone who services pools. They are just so good at picking up large leaf debris and saving you time on your pool route. With the Mako bags, I think you can safely invest in a system and not be overly concerned about the cost of replacement bags going forward.


Their newest bag the M-80 is an 80 Micron bag that excels at picking up fine sand and silt as well as your typical leaf debris.


The M-80 bag has the same great quality of the other Mako Bags. It filters down to a finer micron than their All Purpose Bag which is rated at 100 microns. You can really notice a difference between the M-80 and the standard 100-micron bag.

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