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Revolutionary Pleatco Advanced POOL Filter Cartridges® center around new, exclusive and unique Pleatco Point Bonded Pool Filtration Fabric®, which combined with Pleatco®s Free Flow Cores® ensure rapid turbidity reduction, superior dirt capturing and holding capacity, extended time between cleaning and servicing, less frequent replacement, less pressure, greater flow and less energy consumption. No other filter cartridge comes close.

PLEATCO ADVANCED POOL 4oz Point Bonded Filtration Fabric contains more fibers per unit area offering far greater volume dirt holding capacity than other filtration fabrics. With reduced pore size distribution the fabric provides impressive turbidity reduction via unique cross filtration flow, easily and efficiently capturing dirt particles to achieve a deeper level of cleanliness and clarity than ever before. Due to uniformly placed weld spots, our unique Pleatco Point bonded fabrics are strong and robust, and return to a high state of original performance after cleaning, meaning greater usability, longer cleaning cycles, and less service time.


Why settle for an inferior filter Cartridge? See why Pleatco is the BEST in the industry:

Watch this video to see me put the Pleatco Advanced cartridges to the test

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