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Digital Water Testers

So, are swimming pool Digital Water Testers accurate? The answer is YES if they are calibrated correctly, and it is a reliable brand. In this video, I will show you results from various digital testers and match them against each other.

The benefits of a digital water tester are that you get a spot on results and they can perform tests the reagents cannot, such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Salinity (Salt level) and ORP. Most have a small margin of error +/- or 1% in most cases. I use them on my pool route and as a homeowner, you can benefit also from certain digital testers.


The number one tester I would suggest if you are a homeowner and have a salt pool is a Salinity tester. That way you will know the salt level and can maintain your pool properly. 

Even if your salt system displays the Salinity level – that reading can be affected by a dirty salt cell and can give you a false low salt reading. In that case, you may add salt when it is not needed and raise the salt level to levels that are not recommended adversely affecting your pool.  Simply using a digital Salinity tester can eliminate that error.


A pH digital tester can be handy also, but the reagent test is cheaper and accurate, so I would only recommend that one for a pool service professional looking to compare readings – especially at a commercial pool account to make sure the pH is within range of the local Health Department regulations. This can be very helpful for hotel and apartment spas where the pH tends to drift down rapidly. The digital pH reading is the most accurate one and some Health Departments use digital testers themselves also.


ORP is a fantastic way to test if the water is at the safest level to swim in. Again, if you service commercial pools this would be a great digital tester to invest in. If you are a homeowner and your child gets frequent ear infections or has a lower immune system – an ORP tester would be a good thing to have. That way before the pool is used you can see if the level is high enough, 650 or higher, to ensure the fastest kill rate against bacteria and viruses. To learn more about ORP see the video link below.


I used a combination of the HACH and the LaMotte Tracer testers to verify the results. I also used the Color Q Pro7 and a Pentair automation to triplicate some test results. As you can see from the video the results lined up with each other in all the testing. There are many other brands of digital testing, these are the two that my local supplier carries and both brands are very good.

 You can order the ColorQ Pro 7 on

 LaMotte ColorQ 2X Pro 7

No color matching, no lookup charts, no guessing! The unique, multi-test ColorQ pool and spa hand-held photometer read SEVEN test factors listed here. It also tests for these factors in a broad range and comes with enough reagents for 144 tests of six factors and 100 tablets for the CYA test. The ColorQ 2X Pro7:  


Well worth the initial investment. The ColorQ 2X Pro 7 is an easy-to-use test kit that will make balancing your pool water very easy.

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TRACER PockeTester

Designed for the pool professional. The tester's probe is dipped into a sample of pool water and the results are ready instantly. The Salt PockeTester measures the Sodium Chloride level in salt water pools with a range from 0 to 9,999 ppm. TDS is measured from 0 to 9,999 ppm and Temperature from 32.0° to 149°F. A memory feature saves up to 25 test results. The PockeTester is packaged in a rugged carrying case with a special calibration standard.

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HACH Pocket Pro Salinity Tester

The HACH brand of digital testers is an excellent choice. The Salinity tester shown here is spot on and very easy to use. It has an easy to read screen and will also display the water temperature. This would be a great choice for a homeowner with a salt pool or the pool service professional. I use mine weekly in the Summer and it works without issue. 

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MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab #3581: 10 Test Factors in 60 Seconds

This is the Lamotte WaterLink Spin Touch Mobile which can do 10 test factors in 60 seconds. It is a truly awesome water tester in every way. The readings are reliable and accurate and the testing couldn't be easier. 


The SKU for the Mobil unit is: Lamotte #3581 MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab and it is priced at this publication at $889.00. This, of course, is not your everyday test kit but is great for so many applications. If you service Commercial Accounts this is a great way to keep your logs for the Health Department and Pool Manager. For Resorts, Hotels, and Clubs this would be a perfect way to get a spot on readings to assure that the Public Pool is safe. And if you are a Health Inspector there is no better water tester than this. Plus it comes with a 2-year warranty.


The Spin Touch Mobile also can be switched from Pool to Tap Water so if you are in water quality management or in plumbing, this kit would be great. If you own a retail pool store or a hardware store and offer water testing to your customers they make a retail store version with a counter mat, posters, and door decal the #3580 Model.  


Imagine doing all of these tests within 60 seconds. If you are doing pool start-ups the power of this tester is just awesome. It will give you all the vital test factors to ensure a perfect pool start-up. If your service Commercial Pools think of the time you will save when using the Spin Touch Mobile. In one year with the time savings, peace of mind and verifiable logs the price is worth it. 


They have various disks including a new 3 test parameter which can also be reused 3 times. This disk does Total Chlorine or Bromine, Free Chlorine, and pH Disk #4334-H. 


You can also download the WaterLink Connect app from the Google Play Store and Apple App store. This App is free and will allow you to connect the Spin Touch to your smartphone or device and from the App, you can transfer the Test Logs and actually control the Spin Touch unit from your smartphone or device. 

You can take it a step further and Subscribe to the WaterLink DATAMATE Web which will allow you to store, and send the log customer data. After you log the test results the Data Mate software will give you detailed recommendations to balance the water.  


The Spin touch is so popular that there is already at least a 30-day waiting list to purchase it. Once you get one in your hands you will realize that the wait was worth it. This thing is completely and totally awesome. 



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