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Weekly Service & Repairs:


Hokulea Pool Service & Repair

San Jose, California, United States


Serving the San Jose Area

Joel Thompson - Owner/Operator

Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, owner/operator Joel Thompson grew up around water. Immediately when he got started in the pool industry in Hawaii, he loved the work and how it made his customers happy to see a crystal clear pool. Over 10 years, it has always been our goal to not be just the "pool guy" but your pool professional. 


Now living in the San Jose area, we offer an all-inclusive pool service you're guaranteed to be satisfied with.


Water is a part of life and enjoyment. Your pool is no different. It's where you go to enjoy the time having friends and family over for a BBQ or maybe you just want to relax. You should always feel that you can retreat to your backyard paradise anytime, as we provide you with quality service... with the Aloha spirit!


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Low Buck Pools

4300 the woods Dr San Jose

(408) 520-6551

Serving the San Jose Area

About Low Buck Pools

Good Pool Guy vs. Bad Pool Guy

It's hard to tell a good pool guy from a bad one. They all show up once a week, smile, and seem to be doing something to your pool. But the truth is that most pool guys do not understand the chemistry of pool water and are often doing things to ensure that your pool water is perpetually out of balance. Many pool guys have not received proper training and keep your pool out of balance inadvertently, thinking they are doing the right thing. Since your pool guy doesn't swim in your pool, he won't know that your eyes sting after a swim, and since he won't be around in a couple of years, he won't know or care that your surface is wearing out prematurely...


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