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LIberty 300

The Dolphin LIBERTY 300 Cordless Robotic Cleaner is a slightly more advanced sibling cleaner to the Dolphin LIBERTY 200. They both have the same body and 1.5-hour run time with the only difference being the LIBERTY 300 is smarter and comes with both the Fine Filtration and Ultra-Fine Filtration canister panels.


The LIBERTY 300 uses the Click-Up for sound-activated pick-up for easy removal from the pool. This is a little rattle-like device called the Clicker that you submerge in the pool once the cleaner has finished its cycle that wakes it up, “wakey, wakey” and the cleaner climbs the nearest wall and waits for you to grab it out of the pool. The LIBERTY 200 does not have the Click-Up technology and you can only retrieve it with the included hook.


The Liberty 300 also has three different cleaning cycles available. Eco Mode: Keeps your pool clean with 3-30-minute cycles a week (floor only) Cycle Selector: Customize to floor only or floor and walls cleaning.

Selecting each cleaning mode requires you to hold the power button down, for 3 to 6 seconds and the Floor Only Mode is activated with a blinking purple light. Hold the power button down for more than 6 seconds and Eco Mode is activated. The cleaner will run for 30 minutes on floors only and then turn off for 48 hours. Then 30 minutes and off for 48 hours. The 30 minutes and off. It’s pretty basic but the LIBERTY 200 does not have these modes.


Last the LIBERTY 200 only comes with the Fine Filter panels. Meaning it will filter down to only 70 microns. Which is not terrible. The LIBERTY 300 comes strangely with a debris canister that has two Ultra-Fine Filter panels and 2 Fine Filter panels on it. In the box are two separate Ultra-Fine Filter panels to convert the canister and give it the ability to filter down to 20 microns.


LIBERTY 200 comes with a canister with 4 Fine Filter panels.

LIBERTY 300 comes with a canister with 2 Fine Filter panels and two Ultra-Fine Filter panels, with 2 additional Untra-Fine Filter panels in the box.


Those are the main differences between the LIBERTY 200 and LIBERTY 300.


Here is more on the LIBERTY 300:

The Dolphin LIBERTY 300 Robotic Pool Cleaner with its new cordless design, unmatched agility, and inductive charging. The LIBERTY 300 features the Magnetic-Connect system for easy snap-in-place and walk-away charging, an Eco Mode that keeps your pool clean all week with short cleaning cycles, and a Cycle Selector that lets you choose between floor-only or floor and wall cleaning.


With super-efficient scrubbing and filtering capabilities, you can get the same reliability and service you get with other Dolphin products - now cordless!


Pool Length: Ideal for pools up to 33 feet in length

Pool Shape: Rectangular, Round

Cleaning Coverage: Floor and walls

Brushing: Powerful, intense active scrubbing for unmatched cleaning

Cleaning Cycle Time: 1.5 hours

Filtration: Interchangeable Fine & Ultra-fine filters to tackle every level of dirt, dust and debris

Battery: Lithium-ion | 5,000mAh

Robot Weight: 18lbs

Additional Filter in the Box: Ultra-Fine Filter Kit

Filter Access: Top Access

Active Brush: 1 Active Brush

Warranty: 24 months – limited

Eco Mode: Keeps your pool clean with three 30-minute cycles per week (floor only).

Cycle Selector: Customize setting to floor only or floor and walls cleaning.

Click-Up: Sound-activated pick-up for easy removal from pool.

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