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The Polaris FREEDOM cordless robotic cleaner provides premium cleaning capabilities with four different cleaning modes to clean everything from the floor to the waterline in 2.5 hours or less. The name is a play on the fact that this cleaner is completely cordless.

The cord has forever been a big issue with any type of pool cleaner and to have a cleaner that can leave a pool spotless every week without having hoses or a cord has been the goal of everyone from the homeowner to the manufacturers.

But cordless technology is not simple and easy. Many of them tried before the FREEDOM and some have been somewhat successful. Here are the reasons why the FREEDOM has got it right and it was worth the wait.

2.5-hour run time. The runtime is important. Most small to medium pools can be cleaned in 1.5 hours but the larger pools with more dirt and debris take longer. Having 2.5 hours to work with is fantastic.

4.5-hour charge time. Being able to run the cleaner two times in one day if needed is a real plus. Such short charge times make the FREEDOM very versatile. If the pool needs a touch-up before a party there is plenty of time to accomplish a full cleaning with a rapid charge time like this.

Charging pad without any plug port on the cleaner. The plug port is a fail point for other robotic pool cleaners. Either the terminals get calcified or water gets into the motor. The FREEDOM eliminates this failing point with metal plates on the bottom that charge the lithium-ion battery. No need to ever plug it in.

Intelligent APP control. The features and functions in the iAqaulink app for FREEDOM are really simple. I think Polaris kept things as simple as can be. You set the cleaning options, Floor only – floors, walls, and waterline – waterline only. Or you can choose the SMART mode where the cleaner maps your pool the first time and sets the exact runtime for your pool. The next time you run it in the cleaner will run just long enough to clean the pool without wasted battery life.

Waits at the waterline for easy and lightweight retrieval. During the last 10 minutes before the battery is depleted the FREEDOM will spend that time climbing the wall to the waterline and then waiting 30 seconds for you to pull it out of the pool. If you miss it or the area is not suitable to retrieve it the FREEDOM will go back down and try another wall until you pull it out. It is programmed to then expel all the water out while you are pulling it onto your deck making it light and easy to remove. Don’t worry, if you miss it on the wall waiting for you there is an included hook that you attach to your pool pole to retrieve it.

Double Helix brushes. To ensure thorough cleaning, FREEDOM is equipped with a one-of-a-kind Double Helix brush design that enhances debris collection by channeling dirt towards the vacuum inlet as it scrubs the surface of your pool, and a large, transparent filter canister to collect debris that’s easy to empty without getting your hands dirty — you simply remove, shake, and spray the debris away.



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