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The PoolSkim works amazingly well. At the bottom of the page are some before and after photos from a pool on my route that I consider to be a disaster. There are bushes and trees all over the place and the bottom cleaner is always getting jammed up with debris. See the difference with the PoolSkim Installed. 


The PoolSkim works off of your existing 1-1/2" threaded return jet. that is correct, it connects to your pool's return line creating an alternate skimmer that works extremely well at collecting the surface debris and trapping it into a large mesh bag. You can see all of this in my review video below. 


Installing the PoolSkim is easy and quick. I also have an installation video below for you. If your pool has lots of surface debris it is worth trying the PoolSkim, you will be impressed. 


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Here is my video review of the PoolSkim:

Here is a look at the installation process of the PoolSkim

Before the PoolSkim was Installed

PoolSkim Installed and working right away

Back at the same pool one week later, amazing!

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