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Remington Solar Chlorine-Free "Sun Shock"

The Remington Solar Chlorine-Free “Sun Shock” uses lower power output from the Solar Panels on the unit to generate ions which will keep your pool algae free all season long. The Remington Solar is an effective way to prevent algae in your pool and as a side benefit the Anode also attracts calcium and iron which will soften the pool water.


For those opposed to using any copper in your pool for fear of staining the surface, this is the safest method I have found thus far. It is very easy to control the Copper Ion output and if it reaches 0.5 ppm simply removing the Remington Solar will prevent any staining. Copper is an excellent way to prevent algae but it does have the one drawback of potentially staining the pool surface if the levels get too high. But in my testing, the copper levels didn't approach anywhere near the 0.5 ppm mark in a 15,000-gallon pool. 
The Remington Solar comes with everything you need in the box including 30 copper test strips. So you have enough test strips for a typical pool season. It is important to test the Copper levels every week. In my area of Southern California, the well water is very hard so the Anode developed a lot of build-up over a week. So it is important to also check and clean the Anode every week if needed.

I like the fact that the Anode attracts calcium and iron. In my test pool, I am actually treating the plaster for some roughness from Calcium build-up and I have noticed with the Remington Solar running the calcium problem has really improved. The Anode will slowly erode over time and they are rated to last one to two years. I am thinking in my area 12 months would be the lifespan due to the hard water.


So let me run down some of the benefits of the Remington Solar. With the Anode working at 0.3 ppm it will transform your pool to a Mineral Water which in turn will prevent algae and kill micro-organisms. This means that if you want you can lower the chlorine level down to 1.0 – 1.5 ppm and run your pool with a low chlorine level. You can still maintain your chlorine at 3.0 ppm if you chose and the Remington Solar will still have the same benefits. 

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