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LevelSmart Wireless Autofill by Kona Labs

"Introducing the LevelSmart™ Wireless AutoFill System.

LevelSmart™ works in perfect harmony with your existing equipment to maintain a constant water level in your swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature. 

With the LevelSmart™, you don’t have to worry about the water level in your pool.Never use a hose again. The patent-pending LevelSmart™ technology is field proven and reliable."


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I field tested the Levelsmart and it not only works great but it is easy to install. If you have ever left your fill line on all night or had a pump leak because you forgot to fill the pool then this is for you. Great for a busy homeowner, great for a vacation home and essential if you own a rental property with a pool. Relying on a tenant to keep the proper water level could spell disaster. Install a LevelSmart and rest worry-free.



Here are two videos that I filmed on the LevelSmart below.

LevelSmart® Wireless Autofill system Overview and Installation:  

In this video, I go over what comes in the box, how to test the LevelSmart and how to install the LevelSmart system at your pool. Again, the installation is pretty basic and easy to do.

Maintaining the Proper Water Level in Your Pool with The LevelSmart Wireless Autofill:

In this video, I go over why the proper water level is important in your swimming pool. I give a brief overview of how the LevelSmart works and how it can help you maintain the proper water level. Watch this video to see if the LevelSmart is right for you.

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