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Hayward AquaNaut, PoolCleaner & Phoenix Cleaners

The best cleaners on the market at the moment are the Hayward AquaNaut, PoolCleaner and Phoenix which are all three the same cleaner with different color schemes and different purchase locations. The Poolvergnuegen brand was bought out by Hayward and in order to expand the cleaners appeal Hayward launched the Aquanaut which can be purchased online and the Phoenix, sold exclusively at Leslie's Pool Stores. The PoolCleaner version can be found online and through your local pool service company. 


Which one to get depends on your preference and if there is a rebate in effect at the time of purchase. The PoolCleaner will be the lowest priced of the three when there is no rebate to be found. 



Hayward AquaNaut 200, 400:

The Hayward Aquanaut comes in a great color scheme and is eligible for all of the Hayward program rebates. All of the cleaners come with the patented super hump tires and the v-flex turbine. The videos will go into more detail on the cleaners fro you. A solid choice if the price is right. 



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Poolvergnuegen "The Pool Cleaner" the Next Generation Version    

If your looking for a cleaner that will run without needing parts replaced every year then look no further. Whether you choose the 2 wheels or 4 wheel version you can't go wrong with this cleaner. It won't get hung up in a corner or on your steps and it picks up large debris very well. 


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