Superior Pool Service

Kale Davidson


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When you first saw that pool in your backyard, you imagined your stress melting away… floating weightless on a hot summer day, birds chirping in the distance.


But those dreams were quickly dashed when you realized, that big beautiful tree next to your pool? Well, it also likes the water… And somehow, no matter how hard you try… it always seems to dump its leaves and dirt right into your pool. 


You cringe every time you think about having to fish the leaves out and vacuum up the dirt from the pool in the heat before you can even use it…


Nearly 3 years running a safe moving business in Gainesville Georgia taught Kale the importance of being professional, discreet, polite, reliable and trustworthy. After apprenticing under successful pool operators with over 30 years of experience, and using his knowledge and experience, Kale eventually moved to the plateau and opened his own pool business.


Unlike your average pool guy, Kale doesn’t like doing things half way. So he took it upon himself to become a certified pool operator with the NSPF and learning all the knowledge required to keep your pool & spa running smooth and clear all year long.


And that’s why we’re called, Superior Pool Service.

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