Automatic Cleaner Repair Series

Hayward Navigator & PoolVac Family

Rebuilding your automatic pool cleaner can extend the life of your cleaner for several years. In these following videos, I show you how to rebuild some of the more popular cleaners. Starting with the Hayward Navigator/PoolVac which come in different configurations but all of these can be rebuild over and over again for years. 

A-Frame Turbine & V-Flex Turbine Install

PoolVac/Navigator® V-Flex™ Upgrade Kit 

Zodiac MX8 ELITE (MX8) MX6 

The ZODIAC MX8 ELITE (AX10 ACTIV) MX8 (AX10) and the MX6 ELITE and the MX6 are all very popular cleaners and also very easy to repair. The parts are all modular which means replacing the wear parts couldn't be easier. In this series of videos, I show you how to repair both of these popular models. 

Polaris Cleaners

The Polaris cleaners are very easy to work on, although there are several different models. You can keep your Polaris cleaner running for decades by just changing the parts in the cleaner as they wear out.  Here are some of the popular repair videos that I have put together on the Polaris cleaners.

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