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Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaners

Hayward Pool Products makes three Robotic Pool Cleaners. They make the AquaVac® 500, TigerShark® Series and the SharkVac Series. The Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaners are well made and assembled here in the USA.


The Hayward Robotic cleaners all feature a debris chamber that is screened in by two cartridge filters. These cartridge filters will filter down to 5 microns – better than most pool filters. The debris chamber is very easy to clean out and you can hose it off in less than a minute. Both the AquaVac 500 and SharkVac are top loading so it is even easier to access the chamber. I really like the cartridge based debris chamber, they are effective, easy and hold a lot of debris.


The power supply is very simple on the TigerShark and SharkVac. Plug it in and the TigerShark will run for 3 hours. The Sharkvac will run for 2 hours. The AquaVac 500 is a little more advanced as you can choose between floor cleaning, wall and waterline and also set a simple program time so the cleaner turns on again later in the week. But all three are very basic and easy to use.


One great benefit of Robotic Pool Cleaners is that as they are running they also filter the pool water. They act as a mini-filtration system for your pool. The Hayward cleaners pump between 70 and 80 gallons per minute as they are running in your pool. So your pool will look that much cleaner after the cleaner has run through the cycle.


All three models have an optional caddy cart that you can also order. It comes in handy when transporting the units back and forth from the pool side to your storage area.

AquaVac® 500

AquaVac 500 comes in only one model and it can be ordered with or without the caddy cart. The AquaVac 500 cleans the pool floors, walls, and waterline. You can use either the 90-minute pool floor mode only or the 3-hour pool floor, walls and waterline mode. You can also schedule a cleaning cycle 1 time every 24, 48 or 72 hours. It comes with a 60 foot Kevlar reinforced cord with a swivel to prevent tangling. This is an intelligent cleaner that will find the most efficient way to clean your pool moving backward, forward and sideways along the pool wall. It is a top loading cleaner and comes with a 3 year warranty. It is a top choice for a Robotic Cleaner.

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TigerShark® Series

The TigerShark Series consists of three versions:


The standard TigerShark RC9950CUB, the TigerShark Plus RC9955CUB and the TigerShark QC RC9990CUB. The differences are as follows:


TigerShark 1 year warranty

TigerShark Plus 3 year warranty – remote

Tiger Shark QC 3 year warranty – 3-hour cycle and 90-minute Quick Clean mode


All three come with 55 feet of cord, have a 3-hour cycle, clean the pool floors, walls, coves and waterline, weigh 21.5 lbs and are suitable for all surface types. The only differences between the three are as noted above.


The TigerShark is a very solid cleaner. It moves around the pool like it knows what it is doing. It features intelligent microprocessor-based technology, it cleans the pool top to bottom extremely efficiently.

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SharkVac Series


The SharkVacSeries comes with two different models. There are actually four different model numbers since you can order either the SharkVac or SharkVac XL with or without a caddy cart.


The standard SharkVac comes with 50 feet of cord, cleans the pool floors and coves (partial wall), has a 2 hour run time, is good for all pool surfaces and weighs 21.5 lbs. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


The SharkVac XL comes with 60 feet of cord, cleans the pool floors, coves, walls and waterline, has a 3 hour run time, is good for all pool surface types and weighs 21.5 lbs. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It also features a Beach Entry Sensor and will reverse if the water is too shallow.


Both versions are top loading for the debris chamber. I like the SharkVac for a good entry level Robotic Cleaner or if you have a shallow pool and don't really need the complete wall climbing ability. It cleans very well and features a smart technology that guides it around for the best cleaning pattern.


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