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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids and Adults:

One of the best things you can do to your pool is to make it kid safe. Either put up a fence around the pool area or invest in a Pool Safety Net. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of 2014 - "For children under age 5, drowning is a leading cause of accidental death, with rates even surpassing those of traffic accident fatalities in recent years."


When I started my YouTube Channel some of my very first videos were on swimming pool safety. It is very important to me as I too have a now 6-year-old son and we were very careful that he didn't become one of the statistics above. So if you have young children being proactive with pool safety goes a long way.



Katchakid Pool Safety Net:

This is the most effective pool safety device you can install. I have these on three of my accounts and if you want the ultimate in safety have one of these installed.


KatchaKid has been in the pool safety industry for over 30 years and besides these nets, they also install safety fences.

Pool Covers and Pool Fences:

Here are two more videos on swimming pool safety. I detail having an automatic pool cover installed when you have your pool built and show you the pool safety mesh fence:

These mesh pool safety fences are an affordable way to add safety to your pool area. They can be locked with a key and are high enough so a child cannot climb over them. A good safety option for most pool areas.

An automatic pool cover is a great choice if you are having your pool designed or remodeled. Your layout is limited to a rectangle but for safety, it might be worth the sacrifice in design choices.

A door alarm like this one is a simple and effective first line of defense and an affordable first step. I had one on my sliding glass door and they are easy to install.

So you've seen this in movies or in a TV show saving a drowning person, but in reality, it is an effective safety tool to have handy at your poolside.


Provides emergency response for drowning or struggling swimmers

Here is another very basic life-saving device. This is a Coast Guard approved brand and it will give you added peace of mind when you are using your pool.

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