Riptide SL

This is the new updated and revised version of the Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System. The Riptide vacuum uses a 30 lbs. thrust motor to spin a propeller on top and suck large debris into the debris bag on top. I have been using the Riptide SL on my pool route and for over 2 years now and it works exceptionally well.


Riptide has recently revamped the power switch and plugs on the SL Cart and the XP Battery Box. To say that the power switch and plug have been upgraded would be an understatement. The new design has been tested thousands of times making it the most reliable plug in the industry. I doubt if the switch or plug will wear out for years, it is that good. It literally takes both hands to plug the vacuum in, I feel like Dr. Frankenstein starting up the reactor every time I plug the vacuum in – “It’s alive!” You can rest assured that whenever you plug the vacuum in it will turn on and it will never get pulled out when vacuuming a pool.


The Riptide SL is a great vacuum system and the manufacturer is always looking for ways to make it better. The Riptide now comes standard with the Steering Knuckle. This makes the Riptide Vacuum much more maneuverable in a pool and it will allow you to easily turn and pivot the vacuum head while pushing it along the bottom or on the step area of a pool.  The Steering Knuckle takes the Riptide to the next level.


The SL Cart can hold up to a class 27 100 Ah battery which gives you about 6-8 hours of vacuuming time with the Riptide. I prefer a 55 Ah or a 35 Ah battery to make the cart a bit lighter. You will get less vacuuming time but the battery is easy to charge each day so it is not a major drawback to use a smaller battery.


I think a vacuum system is essential if you are servicing a full pool route. It will save you so much time in your pool route that it will pay for itself in just a year or two in time savings. With more time you can service more pools and a vacuum system like the Riptide will allow you to service pools that other companies would pass on. Those accounts with a lot of leaves each week on the bottom are no problem for the Riptide. I think purchasing equipment that will save you time and make your job easier is well worth the investment.

The Riptide SL and Service Cart come factory shipped with the main parts un-assembled. This is due to shipping rates.  To keep the shipping and handling at $50 for anywhere in the Continental US, it must be shipped this way. Fortunately setting up the cart is very easy and should take only about 45 minutes. The Riptide SL is well worth it and I go over the assembly in this video for you. 


If you live in Florida anywhere near their warehouse you can swing by and pick up a completely assembled unit and they will also help you mount the transport rack onto your truck. Here is their address:  



Service Industry Solutions LLC
Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems
2000 Avenue P
Suite# 9
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 



Note that the battery and battery charger are sold separately.  You can use various sizes of batteries, the one shown here is the maximum size you can use, a 100 AH battery. It is also the largest size by dimensions that you can fit in the SL cart: 12.9 inches long, 8.7 inches high and 6.8 inches in depth. Anything longer or higher than this will not fit in the SL Cart. I suggest a 50 AH battery or even a 35 AH battery to make the cart lighter. With the 100 AH battery, it adds 60 lbs to the cart weight. A 35 AH battery will weigh only 23 lbs. It can be adjusted for any size AH battery, 35 AH to 100 AH, with the orange battery tabs. 



One of the keys of the set up is that due to how the switch is manufactured you don't know which wire coming out of the plug is the negative or which is positive until you connect it to the battery terminals. It is easy to test however as the Riptide propeller MUST SPIN COUNTER CLOCKWISE. If you turn it on after connecting the wires to the battery terminal and it spins CLOCKWISE you will need to reverse the wires on the terminals. If it spins COUNTER CLOCKWISE after connecting the wires you are good to go. 

I will cover the transport rack installation in another video for you. 
The Riptide Vacuum System can also be purchased without a Service Cart and it is sold with just a stand-alone vacuum head and Battery Box.  This is a great option if you are a pool service professional and don't need or want the cart or if you are a homeowner who just needs the vacuum without the cart. The current price for the vacuum head and Battery Box is $850.00.  


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Riptide XP

The Riptide Vacuum System can be purchased without a Service Cart and it is sold with just a stand-alone vacuum head and Battery Box.  This is a great option if you are a pool service professional and don't need or want the cart or if you are a homeowner who just needs the vacuum without the cart. The current price for the vacuum head and Battery Box is $850.00.  


The Battery Box would also be a great idea if you have the Riptide SL service cart. With the Battery Box, this will make the vacuum portable for those accounts where cart access is not possible. Simply take the vacuum off the cart and carry it back with the Battery Box. The Battery Box can only be used with the SL cart and cannot be used with the Commercial Cart since that one is hard wired in. The cord on the SL Vacuum is designed to be plugged into the SL Service Cart or the Battery Box. 


It will have the same vacuuming power and work exactly the same except for not having the cart.  The Riptide vacuum uses a 30 Lbs thrust motor to spin a propeller on top and suck large debris into the large debris bag on top.


The Riptide Vacuum System is an essential tool if you service pools that get destroyed by the winds or work in an area where the pools get a lot of large debris all season long. The 35 AH battery for the Battery Box should last around 3 hours of continuous use before charging (although the manufacturer says you can get 7-8 hours with the 35 AH battery in their testing). 


Here is some more about the Riptide SL cart if you decide to go that way versus just the vacuum head and Battery Box. The Riptide SL cart comes loaded with some great features which I will touch on briefly here. One of the things I really like is the dedicated plug on the cart itself. The Vacuum Cord plugs right into the cart and the plug is very well made and actually holds the cord in even if you tug really hard on t while vacuuming a pool. Right above the plug is the easy to reach on/off switch. The ease of use of the Riptide SL makes this an ideal Vacuum System for you. Simply connect your pole to the Riptide Vacuum head, uncoil the cord from the top, plug it in, drop the vacuum in the pool and turn it on. 


The cart also features large rugged rubber wheels that are ideal for rough yards and step areas. This is a very light weight cart and even with the 60 lb. Battery in the bottom, the wheels make it effortless to pull the cart over any terrain. It is also very well balanced and even pulling it up hills it is very steady. The handle on top is adjustable, so you can turn it at an angle for different heights, making it even easier to pull. 

Riptide After One Year of Use

I have been using the Riptide Pool Vacuum System for over a year now on my pool route. For pools that get a lot of heavy debris, this is a real Game Changer. I also use the Riptide on my regular pools with light debris and I can clean those in record time. By the time I have my manual vacuum connected the Riptide will be more than halfway done with the pool. I can't say enough good things about the Riptide Vacuum System. 


They are always making improvements and with the new Steering Knuckle, the Riptide is extremely maneuverable and easy to use. They also have improved the cord and the power switch so the Riptide Pool Vacuum System is one of most well built and reliable on the market today. The bags have also proven to be excellent and extremely durable. And the vacuum head itself is made out of such strong material that after over a year it hardly looks worn at all. 

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