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The Aqua-Rex WK1P Water Conditioner is a great way to remove and control scale on your pool walls and tiles. I recently picked up a unit and tried it for myself at one of my service accounts. I was pretty skeptical myself but the results after one month were pretty amazing. While it didn't completely remove the scale 100% it faded it to a point where it is really hard to see. It also reduced the Phosphate levels down each week in this pool. Here is more about the Aqua-Rex from the manufacturer:


“Known to the rest of the world as the 'Water-King,' the Aqua-Rex is a non-intrusive physical water conditioner (softener) that inhibits scale formation, removes existing scale deposits and partially softens hot water.

Aqua-Rex is very effective at removing existing scale deposits from water heaters, tanks, and plumbing. Descaling occurs within a few weeks.

The scale breaks away in small plates as it loses adhesion with the surface that it is encrusting. Important: In existing systems that are already badly scaled it may be worth considering fitting a filter on the hot flow from the water heaters to protect blending valves and other appliances.

To achieve this, Aqua-Rex uses pre-programmed micro-chips to transmit pulses of electrical charge into the water at varying frequencies and amplitudes. These "signals" cause some of the salts in the water to form sub-microscopic clusters. When the water is then heated, the clusters act as nucleation seeds upon which the calcium carbonate (lime scale) precipitates. Instead of the hard encrustation on pipes and heating elements that normally occurs when water is heated, the precipitation takes the form of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that float suspended in the water.


These invisible fine crystals are carried away with the flowing water. The clusters created by Aqua-Rex stimulate the conversion of more of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate in the water into crystals in suspension than would otherwise occur. The resulting hot water, with less calcium bicarbonate, is now chemically softer. Aqua-Rex is the only electronic device of its kind that has been proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer water.


Aqua-Rex does this:


  • Calcium scale on tiles and pool walls breaks up and falls away. Stops calcium scale along the water line. Saves bead blasting.

  • On Salt Water systems it keeps the generator cleaner. Saves de-scaling.

  • Reduces phosphates in the water and makes it much clearer. Saves chemicals.

  • Cleans scale from the water heater. Makes it operate more efficiently. Saves energy.

  • Helps kill bacteria so you have less need to "shock" treat a pool. Saves chemicals.

  • Reduces TDS so less need to dump water. Saves water.”


I also spent some time on their website reading the independent test results which showed calcium reduction by 83% - which is pretty amazing. To see the test data click on the link below:







One note in the video, I probably could have wrapped the wires a little tighter – for best results the wires need to be tightly wrapped around the pool pipe. Also, the maximum pool pipe size is 2” which is pretty typical of the PVC pipe size in the United States so that shouldn't be an issue. The results are pretty amazing and the manufacturer offers a 100 day money back guarantee with he product.


If you are a pool service professional you can order the Aqau-Rex at SCP or Superior Pool Products. In the Las Vegas area Leslie's Pools carries the Aqau-Rex. Or you can order it on Amazon here:

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