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This new version of the Skimmer Motion works really well. I have it running in my pool connected to a Pentair Rebel and the surface looks great. Some of the early complaints lead the makers of the Skimmer Motion - Only About Innovation LLC to improve the product. Now the connector that hooks onto the automatic cleaner comes with a universal connection - except for the Zodiac Locking Hoses which requires a special adapter. 


The Skimmer motion itself now will float flat in your pool as the hose has been upgraded with a balancing device. So it does a great job of trailing behind your automatic cleaner and sucking up surface debris.


This is not made for large leaf debris but will pick up dust, small leaves, and particle debris. I like the fact that it has no moving parts and comes with a one year warranty. 


So if your pool surface is covered with a fine layer of dust each day this is the perfect product for you. While your automatic cleaner does the bottom, the Skimmer Motion will take care of the surface. 

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