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The Smart Company makes a variety of pool poles, leaf rakes, and brushes but I wanted to highlight to pool poles that are great for Commercial Pool Service use. Unlike the homeowner who will use their pool pole once or twice a week, the pool service professional will use a pole all day long at 14-20 pools each day. Times that by 5 days and 50 weeks and that is a tremendous amount of use. Add a powerful and heavy vacuum system on top of that and pools with heavy debris and you can see that a pool pole for professional use needs to be strong long-lasting and durable.


The Piranha Power Pole Lever Lock PP-LV and the Piranha Eliminator are by far the best and strongest 2-piece pole on the market today. They extend from 8 ft to 16 ft and the unique level-lock of the PP-LV keeps the 2nd piece firmly in place. The PP-LV pole is also "Micro-Extruded" reinforced to make it extremely durable. Something that is really cool is that the PP-LV pole has a flap inside it that allows the 2nd section to extend and be immersed in water without filling up with water. This allows the pole to stay lighter while you are vacuuming or skimming the pool bottom. It is made out of clear Anodized Aluminum to prevent all types of corrosion and is just extremely well made.


The Rear Channel on the PP-LV or second piece has built-in glides to prevent the tube from slipping or twisting while extended.  The Lever is spring loaded and is a replaceable part. It also features an interior stop to prevent the pole from separating on you. If your looking for an easy to use service pole that can handle all the rigors of a typical service day the Piranha Power Pole Lever Lock PP-LV would be a great choice. The level-lock can be a bit noisy on the PP-LV, but the ease of use makes this a fantastic pole. This is one of the most user-friendly poles on the market and you will be very pleased with the performance.


The Eliminator is a double twist locking pole and is also a “Micro-Extruded” reinforced pole. The Oval lock has no moving parts and the two pieces of the pole lock against each other. Once the poles are locked in place, they stay locked in place allowing for use with heavy brushing, a vacuum system or any other use that would quickly wear out an inferior pool pole. You can see the reinforced second section through a hole at the top of the pole handle. This is just one tough Anodized Aluminum service pole.


The grip on both poles is mounted with machine screws so they won't slip off while in use or fall off during transport. There are also extra holes on the front to make attaching any tool quick and easy. I really like how firm the 2nd section is held in place on both poles. You can rest assured that this pole will never collapse on you while using it.


For those who have not used a premium pool pole for service, I must tell you that you are really missing out. The pole is the primary tool that you are using all day while skimming, brushing and vacuuming and it is essential to have the best tool for the job. If you have ever used a pole that has bent or broken on you or doesn’t lock in well, you know how frustrating that can be. Investing in a good premium pool pole is the smartest thing you can do.

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