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Weekly Service & Repairs:


Upstare Irrigation & Pool

150 Oak Ridge Place, Greenville, South Carolina 29615

(864) 554-7409

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Serving Greenville and Surrounding Areas

Detail Of Maintenace Plan

Our company was established on Pool Maintenance! We are Certified Pool Operators which allows us to service ANY type of swimming pools. Our maintenance contracts include vacuuming of pool bottom, removal of ALL debris, balancing of chemicals, brushing of pool walls and steps, and emptying of skimmer baskets. Our service plans include weekly visits and pool water will be tested EVERY WEEK to ensure chemical balancing.



A highlight of Pool Maintenance Plan

EVERY maintenance plan includes a unique mineral algaecide and a chemical reducer on the first visit to help your pool look and stay looking it’s best. This treatment is once a year but they do make a stabilizer to go with it to help prolong the effects!


Pool Repairs

We offer pool equipment repairs such as pump repairs, leaks, pool plumbing, filter cleaning, and filter changes. We also replace valves and drain covers as well!

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