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Jandy Pro Series Variable Speed Pumps

The best way to save money on your yearly swimming pool costs is to replace your standard speed pump with a Variable Speed pump. Within the first year, the savings on your electricity bill will more than pay for the pump. Jandy makes a variety of VS pumps and I filmed a video series on their VS FloPro pump.




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I posted this also in the Blog article but you can see from my August to September electricity bill that the VS pump cut my bill almost in half in the 1st month. I installed the 1.0 HP FloPro pump on Sept 6th - actually the pool was off until Sept 8th but you really can't see that reflected in the bill since the VS pump consumes such little electricity.  Note that I live in Southern California and the temperature in those two months rarely dipped below the 90-degree mark. I ran my A/C almost daily so my usage was very high. Compare August  usage with September and you will see a dramatic difference: 

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