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Aiper robotic pool cleaner 2021
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Aiper Smart 2021 Model

AIPER SMART Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual-Motors, Large Top Load Cartridge Filter, Tangle-Free Cord & Wall Climbing, Ideal for In-Ground/Above Ground Pools Up to 40 Feet (50 ft of cable)

Intelligent Efficient Cleaning Features: 2 scrubbing brushes, one on the front and one on the back. Powerful dual-motor will provide excellent grip to the pool surface which allows the cleaner to thoroughly and efficiently clean debris, like sand, leaves, and tough dirt that is stuck on the surface. Cleans the floors, walls, and waterline with ease. The AIPER SMART automatic robotic pool cleaner was designed with the latest technology to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency and with quiet operation.

Anti-Tangle 50 ft Cable: Our AIPOOLY1200 Robotic Pool Cleaner is equipped with a tangle-free cord that prevents the tangling of the cord as the cleaner is moving in the pool. Special floats placed near the bottom of the cord help the cord from getting tangled up like other robotic cleaners.  This allows the cleaner to move efficiently and easily around the swimming pool. Ideal for above/in-ground swimming pools up to 40 feet in length, this cleaner will leave your pool sparkling clean.

Smart Clean: This powerful robotic pool cleaner is programmed to climb the walls of the pool and clean up to the waterline. The anti-rollover technology also prevents the cleaner from falling and turning upside down on the bottom of the pool. With superior filtering capabilities, dirt and debris can't hide from this powerful robotic pool cleaner. The top-loading debris chamber allows for quick and easy removal of dirt and debris.

Easy to Set Up: Ditch the extra booster pump and cleaner hoses. Set up is very simple and easy. There are three easy-to-use settings that will run the cleaner for 1, 2, and 3 hours depending on the setting you choose. The cleaner will thoroughly clean the floor, walls, and waterline without any supervision and it operates independently from your pool’s filtration system. Saving you both energy and pool equipment wear and tear.

Two Large Fine Mesh Filters: The built-in two large top-loading fine mesh filter baskets capture and trap dirt, fine debris, and heavy debris for the optimal cleaning of your swimming pool. Take the hassle out of pool cleaning with this advanced robotic pool cleaner. Backed by a 2-year quality assurance warranty, get this worry-free cleaner and experience a sparkling clean pool each week.


AIPURY 1500 Cordless Robotic Cleaner

AIPER SMART Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Wall-Climbing, Triple-Motor, Intelligent Route Plan Technology Automatic Pool Cleaner, Max Cleaning Coverage, Ideal for in/Above Ground Pools Suited for 1614 Sq Ft

This is the Newest Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner with wall-climbing function, 4-wheel drive system, intelligent route plan tech, cordless design, making this a top-of-the-line cleaner in every aspect -by Aiper Smart. 

The 8600mAh battery offers up to 90 minutes of non-stop cleaning after a charging time of 5-6 hours. Since it is completely cordless of course there is now no risk of a cable twisting in your pool. This innovative automatic pool cleaner is designed for In/Above Ground swimming pool suit for 1614 sq ft.

This upgraded pool cleaner features dynamic dual scrubbing brushes &  a powerful triple-motor to provide very strong suction that in conjunction with the scrubbing brushes on the front will brush, and vacuum up dirt, debris, and leaves from the pool's floor, walls, and waterline. The cleaner offers hassle-free cleaning for a sparkling clean pool. Effective at cleaning pools of all shapes and sizes, even in sharp corners and other hard-to-clean areas.

Easy to use with no setup or complicated installation, just switch the cleaner on, drop it into the pool and let the cleaner do all the hard work. Featuring excellent climbing abilities allowing it to clean the walls and waterline of your pool. The anti-rollover technology also prevents the cleaner from falling and turning upside down on the bottom of the pool.

Automatically stops near the pool wall when the battery is low or when the cleaning cycle ends making for easy retrieval. 

Large top-loading debris canister with superior filtering abilities that traps dirt and debris for an optimally clean pool. The AIPURY1500 uses advanced systems as well as an intelligent cleaning pattern to leave your pool free of dirt and debris.

The Aiper Smart robotic cleaner comes with gyroscope technology, an accelerometer, and a triple motor. The cleaner can scan and calculate the pool shape for the best cleaning cycle &the most coverage using the SmartNav 2.0 scanning technology giving the cleaner exceptional speed and cleaning efficiency. Backed by a 2-year quality assurance warranty get a worry-free experience with the Aiper 1500 cordless robotic pool cleaner.

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