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The Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner by Water Tech is an underrated and often overlooked cleaner. It comes with a lot of premium features and is priced just under $1,000. The Blue Diamond also comes with an industry leading 4-year warranty (or 500 cleaning cycles) so you can rest assured that you will get years of use out of this cleaner. Here are some of the specifications and features of the cleaner. I will touch on a few of these later in this article.


Caddy cart with every unit
Can clean most pools in 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes on larger pools
Can maneuver and will turn in the pool without pistons
The safest operating robotic cleaner, running on 24 volts
Approved for use by ETL, CSA, TUV, CE, GS
Oil-Free drive motor
“Hex Wheels”- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel supported wheel tubes
Swivel on the cord- No more cord tangling
Equipped with PVA brushes that will operate in ANY type of pool surface
NO FLOATS are needed as with other robots
Cycle Counter- Warranty testing
All motors are pressure tested under water to 1.5 atmospheres (17 ft.)

Cord Length: 60 ft.
Factory Warranty: 4 year / 500 cycles
Suction Power: 4225 Gal / Hr
Cleaning Coverage: 5900 sq ft per hr
Unit Weight: 16.5
Drive Motor: 24v DC Oil Free High-Speed Brushless
Pump Motor: 24v DC High Flow



The Blue Diamond features unique foam brushes on front and back that expand when they fill with water much like a sponge. These brushes pick up dirt and debris and feed them into the debris openings on the bottom of the cleaner. They are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and are algae resistant allowing the cleaner to quickly and effectively clean any pool surface. The Blue Diamond is suitable for all pool surfaces and it uses a track system to grip the pool walls. As long as there is a slope between the pool floor and wall the Blue Diamond will clean your pool walls up to the waterline.


The Blue Diamond is designed to clean your pool in one hour or 1.5 hours if you have a larger pool. The control panel is programmed to run the cleaner for 1.5 hours each cleaning cycle. The Aqua Smart guidance system is designed to target the areas of your pool that need the most attention allowing the Blue Diamond to clean your pool up to 20 times faster than a traditional robotic cleaner.


It also has an obstacle sensor that will prevent it from getting stuck on ladders, step areas or any other obstacle in your pool. There is also a Beach Entry detector so if your pool has a Beach Entry the Blue Diamond is designed to avoid exiting the water in that area.


The bottom loading debris bag does have its benefits. It allows for a larger area for debris then your top loading cleaners and the debris bag will trap dirt, algae, and debris down to an amazing 2 microns. This is as good or better than a D.E. Filter. The cleaner will also pump over 4,000 gallons per hour so as it is cleaning it is also circulating your pool water.


The 60 ft of the cable is great for a small, medium or large pool. The cable itself is made out of very durable plastic and there is a cord swivel to prevent tangling. The swivel is a great feature and many of the problems with robotic cleaners stem from the cord getting tangled. With the included swivel you don't need to worry about spending time untangling the cleaner after each cleaning cycle.


One of the things I like the most about the cleaner is the 4 year 500 cycle warranty. You can't beat a warranty like that. Here are the terms of the warranty:


Blue Diamond: 4 years for the main parts-drive motors and pump motors. 2 year for electrical cable and power supply (transformer).

PARTS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY: The filter bag, drive belts, plastic components, drive tracks, and brushes require replacement in the ordinary course of use due to normal wear. Therefore they are not covered by warranty.


The Blue Diamond is a traditional robotic cleaner in every sense but it cleans very effectively from the pool floor to the pool walls and picks up fine dirt and debris very well. If your looking for a simple to use and effective cleaner the Blue Diamond should not be overlooked.

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