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Casa Newport Skimmer Lids

This is the Casa Newport 9.9” Skimmer Lid. What makes the Casa Newport skimmer lid different is the unique design which adds a lot of style to your existing pool and deck. The Casa Newport lid is a faux metal lid, although they do make an actual metal lid also.


I really like the look of these skimmer lids and first saw them at a local pool show a couple of years ago. These are about 2-3 times the price of your standard skimmer lid so figure to spend $30 -$45 for the plastic lid depending on the size and style. The real metal lids will run you from $60- $80. These aren't inexpensive but they really look great.


I know a few small manufacturers personally like Tal from Multi-Tork and the cost for making a product is not cheap. So the prices will be higher since it cost more to make the product on a smaller scale. It is not that the manufacturer has a 200% mark-up, it just cost more to make and they have to pass that cost to the consumer.


Replacing your skimmer lid with the Casa Newport lid is a simple way to give your deck and pool a fresh and modern look. I can't tell you how many $60,000 pools I have seen where the builder sticks a white plastic lid on the deck. I am surprised that more builders don't install skimmer lids with more style like the Casa Newport lid.


He Bronze lid in this video looks so good on the pool decks in the video. It is a very real looking plastic lid and it is made of high-quality plastic. It fits well in the 9.9” skimmer openings and I like the two large finger grasps to pull it off.


The Casa Newport Skimmer Lid will fit most skimmers including Hayward, Sta-Rite, Waterway, Swim Quip and U3. I found it to fit very well in the Hayward and Swim Quip skimmers and a little tight in the Waterway skimmers.


The 9.9” lid will not fit Pentair or American Product skimmers as those are 9.1” in diameter. It is pretty simple to tell which skimmer lid you have as the manufacturer will print their label directly on the lid. For the Pentair and American Products skimmer, you can order a 9.1” lid.


If you are unsure and have an off-brand or generic skimmer lid on your deck now you can contact the company directly from their website. You can also find other colors on their website. You can order directly from the manufacturer also.


So if you are looking for an affordable way to spruce up your pool and deck, the Casa Newport Skimmer lid is a great idea and an easy way to transform your pool area.

CASA NEWPORT 20-01023 Bronze Plastic Skimmer Lid, 9.9-Inch

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