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The The Chlorine Genie will generate chlorine for your pool without the need of adding 400, 600, or 800 lbs of salt to the pool water, all of the salt used to generate chlorine remains inside the Chlorine Genie itself! This is by far the safest and cleanest chlorine production unit on the market today! As a side bonus, the Chlorine Genie will also allow for pH adjustments so in most cases you no longer will need to add Muriatic Acid or Soda Ash to balance the pH in your pool.

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The Chlorine Genie is not a new product. It was launched back in 1995 and was independently operated until 2 years ago when Ultimate Water acquired the product. This is just the latest generation and probably the most refined version to date of the Chlorine Genie.

There are currently two different units available:

RT30 Single Cell unit is optimized for residential settings and is for pools up to 40k gallons in size. The CT50 Dual Cell unit is optimized for semi-commercial settings and pools up to 80k in size. The primary difference is that the RT30 produces 0.6 lbs of chlorine each day and the CT50 produces 1.2 lbs of chlorine each day. Both are installed and operate in the same way except the CT50 has two cells.


How the unit works is very similar to a typical saltwater generator. Except for the salt being contained in the brine tank of the Chlorine Genie and not in the pool. That is why no salt needs to be added to the pool water itself. Another major difference is that the salt cell in the Chlorine Genie will remain much cleaner and free of most scale since “pure soft water” is used in the brine tank (the descaling filter removes the hard water).


In addition to this, a typical saltwater generator makes Sodium Hydroxide which is one of the reasons the pH rises so high in a saltwater pool (the other reason being water turbulence in the salt cell itself). Since the Chlorine Genie has a “pH drain” you can drain out the Sodium Hydroxide byproduct and the pH will remain much more stable. The water soft water in the brine tank is also lower in pH allowing you to balance your pH by adjusting the pH drain on the unit.


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