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Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer - BiOWiSH Technologies is the first of it's kind. For years everyone has been trying to come up with a chemical that would destroy high CYA levels. 


Bio-Active is a unique product that uses a microorganism culture to break down the cyanuric acid in

the pool water.


With a huge drought in the Southwest and particularly California, draining your pool partially is not an option. So this product couldn't have hit the market at a better time.


I talked to their sales rep extensively and here are some finer points of the Bio-Active:


If the parameters are in line you will get good results - the minimum results ares 40-60 ppm in a pool of 25,000 gallons with a YA level of 150 ppm. He states that if it is in the 200-250 ppm range the Bio-Active will work better and reduce the levels more. Contrary to that if the levels are 80 ppm you will only see a slight reduction.


Since the chlorine will get stronger as the CYA level drops there is no danger of burning off all the cyanuric acid in the pool - as the chlorine gets stronger it destroys the Bio-Active reducer. So it will level off before the CYA drops below 40 ppm. If there is no chlorine in the pool it could technically zero out the CYA level.


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This video will give you a basic overview of the product and how it works  in your pool to break down the cyanuric acid in the pool water.


Again, it is not a chemical but a culture of microorganisms that destroy the Nitrogen in the water and thus biodegrade thae CYA in the pool. Since the cyanuric acid is bonded to chlorine with the nitrogen molecule Bio-Active just increases the natural breakdown of cyanuric acid. 


The process needs certain water conditions to work effectively and I touch on those in this video.



In this video, I show you how to apply the Bio-Active cyanuric acid reducer to your pool. I go over in detail the CYA testing and the correct water conditions needed for the product to work effectively.


My test results show that the product did, in fact, lower the CYA level down in the test pool. Results will vary based on pool size and the CYA level in the pool. But the bottom line is that the product does work.


In this video I show you the results from six test pools on my pool route. After extensive testing the product does seem to work and if done correctly you will get some results. 


My results were not as good as the manufacturer but they did show a good reduction in the CYA levels in all my test pools.



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