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The Cyborg comes with 40 feet of pool hoses and these hoses are very thick and well made. With 40 feet of hoses, the Cyborg is great for even a larger pool but will work equally fine in a smaller pool. One of the interesting features of the Cyborg is the flashing LED light that is built into the lid of the cleaner. When the Cyborg is functioning properly and is moving in the pool the LED light will be flashing green. When it is not moving or there is something jammed in the turbine it will not flash.

The overall design of the Cyborg is much like the Pentair Rebel and Hayward PoolCleaner 2-wheel cleaner. I would say the wall climbing ability is very similar to the Rebel and you will have to adjust the suction down at times to keep it from climbing out of the waterline in a pool. The turbine for picking up debris is also very much like the Pentair Rebel. It can easily pick up larger leaf debris as well as dirt in your pool. 


So why would you go with the Cyborg over the other 2-wheel type cleaners already on the market? I think the main reason would be the price point of the cleaner. It is less expensive, but it does the same job in the pool and the more expensive counterparts. In my testing of the Cyborg, I think it did an exceptional job in the pools that I used it in.  I have run a Cyborg in a very large 30,000-gallon pool and in a very small 8,000-gallon pool and it has performed excellently in both. So, the Cyborg is offered as another alternative for a suction side cleaner for your pool and it would be a solid choice.


Since it is a gear type cleaner it won’t get stuck in the step areas or in a corner of a pool.  It features a swivel on top to prevent the hoses from coiling up and twisting on themselves. And it features a very quick release clip on the body to release the top of the cleaner so that you can easily access the turbine to remove any debris jammed inside.


It is a very simple cleaner also and set up is quick and easy. Included are all the parts you will need to connect it to your pool skimmer, and you can also easily connect it to your pool’s vacuum port/side port with a Vac-Lock (not included).  


Here is more about the Cyborg from the manufacturer:


  • Easy to install in minutes without tools

  • Included 40-foot hose with an anti-twist swivel to keep the hose from twisting or kinking

  • Turbine drive cleaner with a smart skirt for thorough cleaning of the pool from dirt and debris

  • Optimized rubber wheel grip and bumpers go over obstacles and surfaces

  • LED light lights up when powered and cleaning

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