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Drone Reviews

Drones otherwise known as Quadcopters are a fun recreational hobby. Drones are fun to fly and will challenge you in many ways. Drones can also be used for business and are a great way to get those ariel shots. Great for pool builders, Realtors, contractors, and inspectors. 



Here I list some of the Drones I own and fly. Each drone has a link to see my video review as well as a link to purchase.  The drones here range from  HD video drones to fun indoor drones.  I have flown many drones and the ones below are the top drones and the ones I would recommend.  



There are a lot of drones to choose from out there and you can purchase a high end $1,000 drone, but if you don't use it often or for business, it might not be the wisest investment.  A $200-$300 drone will get you an excellent quality drone to start with. Some of the $100 or fewer drones here are also excellent for just flying around your neighborhood or parks. 



Make sure you register your drone with the FAA if you live in the US and I would suggest installing the UAV APP if you are planning to fly your drone above 300 ft. This APP is also great for showing the No Fly Zones in your area. The number one rule is drone flying is a safety so read the FAA guidelines and be safe.



The F18 drone is superb. I can end the review right here. It is that good.

It is loaded with some great features and for the price point, you are getting a ton for your investment.

Let me start with the overall design of the drone. Sleek, light, powerful and very, very fast. The brushless motors allow this thing to really blast through the air. The light and sleek design make for a super responsive drone that turns on a dime.

The F18 also features Altitude Hold. This means that when you release the throttle the F18 will remain at that altitude so this drone hovers in one spot very easily. Altitude Hold also makes for a very easy flight. With Altitude Hold, all you need to focus on is left, right, forward and back - so great for even a beginner drone pilot.

The built-in 1080p Camera takes really great footage. Being built in allows for very stable filming and you can save the video directly onto a Micro SD card or onto your phone through the F18 APP.

With the F18 APP, you can view a real-time First Person View out of the camera on the front of the drone. This is a great feature as you will know exactly where the drone is even at high altitudes and this also allows you to preview your recorded videos and photos while in flight.

Speaking of altitude, this drone can go an amazing 3,200 ft or 0.65 miles (although with my license through the FAA I am restricted to 400 ft here in the US). You can really take this thing sky high and safely bring it back with the one-touch "Home" button. The drone knows where it is at all times with the built-in GPS (just make sure you turn it on). The one-touch "Home" key will bring the drone back to where you launched it.

The battery is a very unique design that allows it to lock into the back, so no worries of the battery coming loose during rough stunt flying. The battery is rated to last 16 minutes, and when the drone is running low on power all 4 lights will flash red.

The F18 really sets the standard for drones in this category. Watch the video to learn more and also see me set up the drone.

Brushless motors for real speed
Altitude Hold for easy flight
1080p camera for great footage
FPV through your phone with the installed F-18 APP
Large and bright LED lights for easy orientation and night flying.
GPS and a dedicated "Home" button
Fly up to 3,200 ft or 0.65 miles
Great carrying/storage case
One Touch take off and land button
Easy to use remote with display screen

Needs to ship with one extra battery (5 hour recharge time)
No flip button for acrobatics


Yuneec Typhoon H

I can’t say enough about how awesome this machine is. The real bonus is the controller with the built-in 7” 720p Android Tablet so there is no need to use your cell phone. It is also loaded with some unique features like retractable landing gear and the ability to spin the camera around a full

360 degrees to get great panoramic shots. Not to mention the 6 motors and blades making this one of the most failsafe drones on the market today.


Unlike some of the negatives of the DJI drones, the last firewire update for the Typhoon H was in 2017 so you are not constantly updating the drone or controller. Both are virtually perfect right now with the ability to do so many things. The no-fly zones are not as strict as with the DJI drones, but the altitude is set at 400 maximum here in the US per FAA requirements.


The range of this drone is incredible in my opinion. It is rated for about 1 mile and I have gone out .8 miles or over 4,000 ft with no loss of reception on the screen. I am using aftermarket range extenders which really do make a difference and the Patch antenna vs the Mushroom one. With the Patch, you get better range with the monitor, but you need to have it pointed at the drone. The Mushroom antenna is a multi-directional antenna with less range overall. I am very impressed with the range of the Typhoon H and the clarity of the screen is just phenomenal.


This is the base model of the Typhoon so it only has collision avoidance in the front. The Plus is a better model with collision avoidance all around the drone plus a better 4K camera, but it is twice the price of the standard Typhoon H., In my opinion, the Typhoon H is more than enough drone for most and it takes professional photos and videos.


The Typhoon H has a range of autonomous flight modes, where it does most of the flying without being controlled allowing you to focus on the camera operation. The Orbit Me mode, for instance, enables the drone to orbit around the controller while keeping the focus on the operator. The Point of Interest mode allows the drone to orbit around a location set by the GPS coordinates on the controller screen. Other autonomous flight modes include Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me, and Return Home. The Return Home mode will land the drone with a few feet of where it launched from. It is not as precise as other drones, mainly for safety reason as it is a large and powerful drone.

Speaking of the large size, this is not a drone for hiking or for using it far from your vehicle. In the backpack with the accessories, it comes in around 5 lbs. Both the drone and the controller as massive so if you're looking for a portable drone the Typhoon H is not the drone for you. But if size is not a concern the Typhoon H is just a completely underrated and comes loaded with so many great features, not the least of which is the controller with the build in screen.

Contixo F17 +

 The F17 Drone is a real beast. If you are a beginner you can set the speed control to low and then start your test flights. For the Pro, you will find this drone's responsiveness just perfect. Push the control left, the drone will quickly go left. Push back on the control and the drone backs up on a dime. Careful because the F-17's throttle is for real. Start it up and throttle it up. The F17 will go sky high in a matter of seconds.

This would be ideal for a Pool Builder, Real Estate Agent, Contractor or anyone who needs outdoor aerial videos. This is also a very fun drone just for recreational use. I suggest a large school grass area or a large park. Crashes on cement tend to nick up the blades even with the blade guards on.

This review is for the F17 + model which comes with an included 4K sports camera and mount. The camera is actually excellent and the footage is crystal clear and sharp. You won't be disappointed in the included camera.

Overall this is a superb drone that is thrilling to fly. Watch the video to see it in flight and I also go over the assembly and set-up.

Easy to fly (slight learning curve)
Controls are super responsive
Mountable 4K camera included (F17+ version)
Great carrying/storage case
Brushless motors for longer life
500 ft maximum

Battery last for about 15 minutes (you will need extra)

UPair One 4K Drone

The UPair One 4K Drone by GTEN (G10) Drone is a very solid drone with an amazing price point. You can find the UPair One 4K drone with the build in 7” FPV screen for around $350 here in the US. It has the same range as the DJI Phantom 3 Standard but with a better camera and the monitor for about $150 less. Strictly speaking, this is not a DJI Phantom Clone but a very solid and reliable drone with very similar design and features.


The reviews of the 2.7K version were mixed but I did see some very good reviews for the 4K version. This is not the UPair 4K Plus version which has a Follow Me Mode and Flight Route Planning. This version doesn't have those features but with the built-in screen, it eliminates the need to connect to an APP and use your phone to view the FPV footage. 


4K UHD Video Recording and Camera.Perfect for shooting video or taking photos

Intelligent 5400mA rechargeable battery is capable of flying up to 19 minutes


Long distance: HD Live Video transmission distance up to 800m, controller up to 1000m away

Outstanding control performance: Position Hold Mode, Headless Mode and Altitude Hold Mode switched easily. Three RTC methods: Auto One key Return to Home, Auto Low-voltage return to home, Auto Signal-lost return to home

Max flying distance:1000m (3,280 ft) .62 miles
Max video transmission distance(in open filed): 800m (2,624 ft)
Max flight height: 1000m (3,280 ft)
Propeller:9450, match DJI Phantom3 propellers
Motor: 2212
Flying duration Full-load( 1350g): approx.19mins
Packing List: 1x UPair Quadcopter
1x Remote controller+ FPV Monitor(Transmitter)
1x Gimbal+ Camera
1x Aircraft Battery
1x Charger
1x RC battery
2x set Propellers
1x User Manual
1x Quick start guide Please prepare a Class 10 high speed 16G TF card by yourself.


Contixo F3

This Mini Drone is awesome. I own 4 full-size drones and 2 pocket drones, but this little guy is by far our most fun drone! No need to leave your house to do some serious droning.

You will find the F3 an extremely responsive drone and very fast. It sounds like a giant insect buzzing through your house. It is also very durable. After a couple of dramatic crashes into the wall and floor, this thing gets right up and starts flying again. The 720P camera is also very good. With the APP you can see the drone flying in first person view as well as record the videos to your phone.

Great Indoor drone! You can fly it outside also up to 150 ft. Watch the video to see the setup and to watch it buzzing around my house.

Super compact size
Long battery life (extra battery included)
Great 720P camera
Altitude Hold - maintains current altitude
Remote control or APP controlled

A bit loud but you get used to it


Contixo F20

The Contixo F20 is an all-around great drone. It is compact, responsive and comes with loads of features. There is a lot to like about this drone and I really like the fact that it comes with a carrying/storage case. Here is a look at some of the features of the F20 from the manufacturer.



Follow Me, Automatic Hovering (Auto Hover) / Altitude Hold, First Person View (FPV), 1-Key Takeoff & Landing / Auto Return, TapFly (Fly by Tapping via Smartphone & App), Point of Interest (360° Following Rotation, Auto Hover in Circular Rotation), Fail-Safe Return To Home, & More.


BUILT-IN, INTEGRATED 1080P HD WiFi CAMERA - Allows you to both take photos or record live video. Use your smartphone and a free downloadable app to fly and operate your Contixo F20 RC Remote & App Controlled drone, live stream video during flight for First Person View (FPV), Bird's Eye View, etc. Comes with adjustable 5.8 GHz 1080P 30fps Wi-Fi HD camera (300m,  984 ft FPV distance). Works with both iPhone iOS and Google Android devices.



PRE-ASSEMBLED & COMPACT DESIGN - No need to assemble or put together the drone. It is ready to fly right out of the box. The small, compact, and extremely portable design makes it fun to take it anywhere and everywhere you go.


INCLUDES PLATINUM SILVER-COLORED CUSTOM STORAGE CARRYING CASE - Made for the Contixo F20 RC quadcopter drone, this exclusive carrying case allows you to safely store and transport your new hobby toy. Never worry about removing and/or uninstalling the propellers or disassembling the drone again. This carrying case makes it safe and very convenient to carry your flying RC vehicle around.



US-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Should you ever run into any problems or need assistance, we are here to help! We offer 24/7 e-mail support and are available for phone calls Monday-Friday between the hours of 9 am - 4 pm PST. Providing outstanding customer service is our number one priority. Includes 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty against defects.


One of the best features is the camera on the front that can be tilted in flight so that you can get footage directly in front of the drone all the way to directly under the drone. This is a pretty advanced feature for a drone in with this price point and a great upgrade over standard fixed camera drones.


I also love the carrying case which holds everything and the drone with the blades on. I have several drones with cases and the F20 is the best since it fits in the case without removing the blades. So right out of the case, it is ready to fly.



If your looking for a stable and easy to fly a drone, look no further. Everything about flying this drone is easy. When you hit the "take off" button it will go up 1.5 meters for you and hover, then you can take control and fly to your heart's content.

Flying this drone is very easy. It has speed controls so it starts out at 25% speed, which makes for very simple flying. It is very responsive to the controller and the 720p camera produces very good quality videos.

The video goes over more detail on what comes in the box and set up the drone for flight. Watch the video to also see it in action.

This is a super fun drone to fly and you will really enjoy the stability and ease of use. Love it!

Very stable and very stable flight
4 light indicators on the bottom tell you when it is connected and recording
Great 720p video camera
Compact and sleek looking
Can control it from the controller or the app
The app is very stable and easy to use
Blade shields add extra protection in crashes (which won't happen - this thing is very stable)
Comes with two batteries
Comes with 4 extra blades

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