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Win the all NEW Polaris TR36P!

No Purchase Necessary! Must be a U.S. Resident to enter and win.  Nine ways to enter. Each entry will increase your chances to win.  Enter today!  Contest will end May 31st  2017. This contest is run by an independent 

website and will randomly pick the winner. You will be notified by Gleam.

9 Ways to enter:

Visit Polaris Website                                              100 points

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The more points the better your odds are of winning


Just Login below and  Enter in as many ways as you like.


Note that the contest is run and managed by Gleam. All entry email notifications will appear in your Inbox by "Gleam." Winner selected randomly by Gleam.

Get 50 Points!

ABOUT the TR36P:


The Polaris TR36P is the latest Pressure Side (Return Side) cleaner on the market and it is an excellent automatic cleaner. The TR36P is sold only at your local brick and mortar pool store not sold online. It is part of Zodiac/Polaris Trade Series Exclusive Line-Up.


The Polaris TR36P does not require a dedicated return line connected to a separate booster pump. It works off of your existing pool pump and easily connects to your pools 1 1/2” threaded return lines. It does not connect to your pool's skimmer or side port like a traditional suction side cleaner.


This feature makes the TR36P unique among Pressure Side cleaners. It also makes the TR36P ideal for a pool that is already constructed and a separate booster pump cannot be added. The nice thing about the cleaner is that while it is running in your pool the skimmer will be fully operational with complete suction since the TR36P works off of the return line of the pool.


The TR36P comes is a very nice dark color scheme. The hoses are black and the cleaner sports black wheels with a dark blue body. It is just an overall sweet looking cleaner. And not only does it look good but it picks up leaves, dirt and debris exceptionally well. You can see it in action in the video.


The cleaner is powered by 3-venturi jets that funnel the pool's return water making a powerful spray like a garden hose nozzle and pushing the debris into the large debris bag on top of the cleaner. It is a highly effective design and the same one that is used on the Polaris 360. It comes with an extra debris bag in the box as an added bonus which is just perfect.


It also comes equipped with the Tail Sweep Pro which does not come standard on any of their cleaners except the Polaris 3900 Sport. The Tail Sweep Pro will allow for full water flow to the tail but it is designed to prevent water from shooting out of the pool and onto the deck and your backyard windows. It is another nice touch by Polaris with this model.


If your pool has 1 1/2” threaded return lines and you get a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, the TR36P would be ideal. I prefer installing the Return Side cleaners in pools that get large leaf debris as the traditional suction side cleaners usually get clogged up with debris. The large debris open will allow for piles of leaves to be pushed up into the cleaner without clogging it up.


The large debris bag on top holds a surprising amount of debris and it also traps sand and dirt very well. I don't know the exact micron level of the bag but it does a great job with sand and dirt as well as leaves. The bags are also very long lasting and very easy to empty.


The cleaner itself is designed to last for many years and replacing parts is very easy. I would say you will get a good 3-4 years out of it running 6 hours a day, seven days a week before you will need to replace some parts. It is extremely well made.


Also since no separate booster pump is required, you will save on your energy cost. The TR36P will run while your pool pump is running. It is also one less future expense as you will not need to replace the booster pump motor after a few years.


The Polaris TR36P is a Top Pick for 2017 and you will love how it leaves your pool spotless every week. This is a great addition to the Polaris cleaner family so stop by your local pool store and check it out.

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