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The Hayward pHin is marketed as a Smart Water Monitor so what exactly does that mean? There is a slew of these devices now and in a nutshell, these are floating devices that have a digital probe/sensor which will read the pool’s pH, ORP (Sanitation), and Temperature. Some will also do salinity but the pHin only does those three parameters. The pHin will send you the results from the probe directly to your smartphone and recommend the adjustment needed to balance your pool water.


The pHin sends your pH, Sanitiation (ORP) and Temperature to your smartphone 1,000 times each week!

Of course, none of these floating digital water monitors can currently do Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness (or Total Hardness) and CYA and the pHin has a pretty nice workaround for this so that you can get a true idea if your pool is balanced. Included are 25 test strips that you scan into the pHin app by taking a photo of said test strip after dipping it into your pool. The pHin then records the Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, and CYA and will let you know if they are in range.

Back to the three tests that the pHin can do with the digital probe. It will actually send you over 1,000 readings per week of the pH, ORP, and water temperature which is really cool for the nerd DIY homeowner type or a pool geek like me. The results from the pHin are pretty spot on too and if the alert says your pH is high, it more than likely is. I actually have another pH, ORP and Temperature monitor in my pool, as well as four photometer testers and a handheld digital pH probe and I was able to verify the pHin readings in my pool.


The initial first year of monitoring is free and after that, each additional year is $99 per year. So about $8.25 month. I think it is worth it to know if your pool is swim-ready and safe, especially if you use your pool often. Here is more on how the pHin tests the sanitation level in your pool.


“Traditionally, water chemistry is measured about one time per week. This certainly helps to monitor the health of your water, but we, at pHin, have developed a smarter approach. pHin measures your vessels’ pH, sanitizer, and temperature over 1000 times per week.


There are many environmental factors that affect water chemistry like usage, weather, water temperature, sunlight exposure, etc. pHin’s built-in intelligence takes all of that collected information, analyzes it, and then creates recommendations based on your pool or hot tub’s unique averages.


This means that pHin’s recommendations may be different from what you are used to or what your pool store recommends, but we find when customers follow our recommendations their pools are more likely to stay balanced.” -pHin


The app is really well made and it will display various things for you. The Home screen will let you know right away if the pool needs some attention which is a nice feature. Here is more on what the pHin includes:


Water history charts

Easy, accurate chemical dosing directions

Alerts for when attention is needed

Tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid monthly or as needed

Shareable water data for in-person help or to order new chemicals at your favorite pool store

Unlimited pHin monitor replacement warranty


AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS: The pHin app automatically alerts you when you need to adjust your chemicals and lets you know exactly how much of which chemicals to use. Works with both Android and iOS.


TAKES GUESSWORK OUT OF ADDING CHEMICALS: Scan any supported chemical’s barcode and the pHin app will calculate how much to add to your water. Supports most major chemical brands.


POOL AND HOT TUB CARE SIMPLIFIED: Instead of showing you continuously changing raw readings, pHin’s built-in intelligence samples your water chemistry more than 1000 times per week and creates customized recommendations based on your pool or hot tub’s unique measurements.


SUPPORTS ALL WATER TYPES: Works with chlorine, bromine, and salt water-based pools, hot tubs, and swim spas.


LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your pHin Smart Water Care Monitor has a lifetime warranty. If it ever fails while you are a paying subscriber, we will send you a new monitor free of charge.


I like these floating smart pool monitors and really think that this is where pool testing is moving in the future. The pHin was one of the first of these devices and is still one of the best.

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