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Jedi Pool Service (Not Real)

Specializing in Sith Elimination

I am a big Star Wars fan so it was only fitting to use this in my parody a swimming pool company. Finding a good reliable pool servie company is sometimes a challange. Of course you could always do it yourself or if you are very daring go ahead and hire this company ;)


Hiring a legitimate pool service:


If you don't have the time or don't want to make an effort to maintain your own pool, here are some tips on hiring a reputable service company


If they have to say, "I am a Real Pool Guy," they probably are not. When you go to your Doctor he doesn't say to you, I'm a real doctor, he just is.


Anyone can get a truck and equipment and start doing this. Ask for references of accounts they currently service. Maybe call four or five people on the list and see how they like the service.


If the pool company carries Liability Insurance, chances are they are legit. I carry a $4 million dollar policy and it cost me $1,500 a year... ouch.


Try to get a good recommendation from a friend or neighbor, that is always a safe bet.


How responsive is the company when you call or have a problem. A good service will get back to you right away and usually schedule a repair within 48 hours.


Time will tell. If your pool looks great and you have no issues then you have a good guy. If he is struggling with the pool... then there is your answer.



Special Effects by:

Bojan Vukanic you can visit his website here:


Bojan Vukanic is a professional video editor and animator from Serbia, Europe, with over 9 years of experience gained through working on a local TV station as chief video editor. His main strengths are Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Edius, though he is just as skilled with Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Also well rounded with the rest of the creative suite.


The Sith Lord is played by my Nephew Nathan Walborn. He has his own YouTube Channel focused on the game Mine Craft -which I know nothing about. YouTube: Nathan3Wall

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