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If you are a pool service pro you may not know that Leslie’s Pool Supplies has a Wholesale Division. This means if you are a pool service provider you can open an account at Leslie’s and receive your products at wholesale pricing. But the benefits only begin at that point and there are actually a number of reasons to open a Wholesale account.

As mentioned with a Leslie’s Wholesale account you will receive the same or very similar pricing that you would get from your local wholesale distributor. To open a wholesale account you can simply walk into a Leslie’s location and fill out a form with the manager. All you need is a business card. It is that simple!

If you also carry at least $1 million dollars in General Liability Insurance you can be added to their referral list. What does that mean? Since Leslie’s does not do weekly pool maintenance if a customer walks in and needs weekly pool service the manager will simply give them your card. This is a great way to get new service accounts and it is one of the great perks of opening a Leslie’s Wholesale account.

Another great reason to open an account is that Leslie’s is open 7 days a week. They are also open later than your local Wholesale location so if you need anything after hours or on the weekend they are open. So getting set up for the next day later in the evening or getting parts and chemicals on the weekends is something your local Wholesale location can’t offer. The managers and staff at Leslie’s can also help you in other ways.

One of these is that if you have an automatic cleaner that needs to be repaired, simply take it into your local Leslie’s store and they will repair it at no charge, just parts. Many times you just don’t have the time to mess with cleaner repairs and Leslie’s is there to help. They will also double-check any water sample you bring in so that you can be rest assured your readings are accurate. There are two additional services your local Wholesale location doesn’t offer.

Since Leslie’s does not do weekly pool service one of the nice things about opening a Wholesale account is that you can easily refer any installations and repairs directly to them without fear of another company soliciting business from your customers. Leslie’s can do most equipment installs and you can rest assured the work will be completed professionally. This also comes in handy when you get too busy on your route to get to a repair, simply refer the customer out to your local Leslie’s Pool Supplies for the repair.

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