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Professional Grade Cordless Vacuum System


If you have a Power Vac with the Battery Box and are tired of lugging around 30 lbs. each time you have to take it back to vacuum out a pool, the Power Vac Conversion Kit may be something you will want to consider. The Bottom Feeder Company will take your old Power Vac and essentially make it into a Bottom Feeder Vacuum for $750 – including return shipping back to you.


Here is how it works. You would send your old Power Vac into the Bottom feeder. Just the vacuum head with the cord attached.


The Power Vac Conversion Kit includes the following:

1- Aluminum throat insert

1- Bottom Feeder Motor

1- Propeller

1- Thrust Ring


Removal of the Power Vac motor and cord



1- Bottom Feeder Battery Pack

1- Cord with on/off switch

1- Spare cord (no on/off switch)

1- Charger

1- Small pole section to mount the battery pack on

1- Handle

1- Bolt with wing Nut to secure the battery pack


1-year warranty


After they receive your Power Vac it will take them about 1-week to get it back to you. Part of the $750 charge includes the return shipping.


If you do the math, a new Bottom Feeder with the Portability Kit (essentially the same parts as the Power Vac Conversion Kit) would be $1,350 plus tax. So essentially you are getting a hybrid Bottom Feeder for ½ the cost.


The benefit of course is that your Power Vac with the battery pack weight over 30 lbs with a 35AH battery. Now with the pole section and battery pack, your Power Vac will weigh a mere 14 lbs! Now you may ask, the 35 AH battery gave my Power Vac 3 hours of cleaning time so what will the Bottom Feeder Battery Pack give me? With the rubber Thrust Ring installed you will get close to 2 hours of cleaning time. Plus you will have a completely cordless vacuum. This benefits you by making it easy to use. You can turn it on and drop it in from anywhere around a pool or spa. Even though you may lose 1 hour of cleaning time in between charging, you will save time by being able to vacuum a pool quickly without having to move the battery box around.


It’s hard to describe how great this conversion is until you actually use it set up like a Bottom Feeder. I always thought the Power Vac was the most maneuverable of the vacuum systems with the swivel wheels on the bottom. And now that you are free from the cord, this thing moves around the pool so well! It especially excels in spas.


If you are wondering about any power loss going from a 30 lbs. thrust motor to an 18 lbs. thrust motor, there really is not a huge difference. Since the Bottom Feeder motor has the propeller mounted on the bottom, you really don’t notice a drop off in vacuuming ability. In fact, you will find it gets clogged up much less with the blade sitting on the bottom vs the top.


If you have an old Power Vac and would like to have it converted email the Bottom Feeder company and they will give you more information on how to make this happen.




Subject: “Power Vac Conversion Kit”


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