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The Skimdevil® Robotic Solar Powered Surface Cleaner is a revolutionary way to keep your pool clean everyday. It will operate all day long and skim the surface effectively eliminating all of your pools surface debris. The Skimdevil comes loaded with features and is the most high tech surface skimmer on the market.


The Skimdevil is designed to be primarily controlled by a Smartphone or Tablet App.


Once you download and install the App in your device you can connect it to your Skimdevil and you can control the cleaner from your device or phone. It is quite innovative and the connection is very good thru the use of Bluetooth connectivity.  


All you have to do after installing the App is to hit "Start" and the Skimdevil will start to operate with the factory set run time of 30 minutes on and 45 minutes paused.  It comes with a pre-programmed run schedule and once the cleaner is charged by the solar panels it will begin to operate each day (it comes fully charged from the factory). There is no need to go into the App and restart it once you initially set everything up. You can however use the App to change the Settings and to use the Skimdevil in the RC mode. 


The Skimdevil unit itself comes equipped with many features that allow it clean the pool surface in the most efficient way without getting stuck or caught up in any area of your pool.  It features  SkimSmart™ trademark technology which maps your pool surface for the best cleaning pattern.


It is equipped with infrared sensors that will turn the cleaner before it hits the pool wall and also can detect and avoid obstacles in the pool like automatic cleaner hoses. This allows the Skimdevil to move freely around your pool even if you have an automatic pool cleaner installed.


The debris tray is large and it can pick up very large debris since the front is wide open with no paddles obstructing it. When the Skimdevil reverses a gate engages to keep the debris from returning back into the pool. It is a highly effective system and you will be amazed at how nice the pool surface looks with the Skimdevil running.


The cleaner will run for 7 hours on a full charge. It uses a unique run/pause cycle to keep the surface clean as new leaves, pollen and dust blow in throughout the day. It comes factory set to run for 30 minutes and then pause for 45 minutes. You can also customize this in the App Set Up menu if you like.


The Solar panels on top will charge the cleaner on Sunny days and if you are using it in the off season or if you pool gets a lot of shade, it comes with a wall charger. So you can also charge the Skimdevil if needed. This makes the Skimdevil perfect for all pool applications and regions.


The Skimdevil works in all pool types and you can also set three pool types in the setting menu. The options are a Standard Pool, an Infinity Edge Pool or a Natural Body of Water. No matter your pool type the Skimdevil will work great.


If your pool has a lot of surface debris all season long and your skimmer is overworked each day, the Skimdevil will be perfect for you. It is also great for pools with Variable Speed pumps that run on low all day. And for pools that get a fine film of pollen or small particles on the surface each day. It is a very versatile cleaner and will leave your pool surface spotless.


The App is very user friendly and it has a simple to use menu that also displays the pool water temperature, the remaining battery life and the Bluetooth connectivity range. To start the Skimdevil simply click on the green start button on the App. You can also customize the cleaner in the Setup menu in the App.

It also has a cool RC mode where you can manually control the Skimdevil. This is a fun way to skim the pool surface and my son really loves driving the Skimdevil around the pool. The RC mode is a nice touch and unique among Robotic Pool Cleaners.


The Skimdevil is extremely light weight coming in at a mere 10 lbs. It is very easy to set in your pool and remove from the pool. The nice easy grip handle on top is a great feature, and the cleaner is well balanced so removing it is simple.


The price point is in the $700 range and the Skimdevil comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. The Skimdevil is the most high tech surface cleaner on the market today and worth a look if you are in the market for a Robotic Pool Surface Cleaner.

To get $25 0ff the purchase price when ordering on their website use this code: DVBR449.

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