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This is the SolaSkimmer Solar-Powered Surface Skimmer by Remington Solar. The SolaSkimmer is very effective and the best part is that the MSRP is $399.00. This makes the SolaSkimmer the most affordable Solar-Powered Skimmer on the market today.


Here are some of the features of the SolaSkimmer:


Uses 110V charger or the Sun to charge the cleaner

Requires about 4 hours of full Sun per day yo run in Solar only

Operates for about 8 hours per day on a full charge

Designed to run from Dawn to Dusk

Large debris tray on the bottom (equivalent to about a one-gallon trash can)

Battery indicator lights

Easy one button operation

4 infrared sensors that detect corners and sides

Water jet to turn cleaner away from pool sides and corners

UV Resistant PVC



The nice light gray color scheme

Weighs just 17 lbs

Easy to insert and remove from the pool



12-month warranty


Remington Solar is a leading manufacturer of Solar Products. They manufacturer Solar Attic Fans as well as the Solar Sun Shock Pool Ionizer that I have reviewed also on my Channel.


Remington Solar Chlorine-Free “Sun Shock” - For an Algae Free Pool:


The SolaSkimmer is designed to be very simple and basic. There are no apps that control it and the design is overall very simple. The two paddles rotate in the water and move the cleaner along and debris is drawn in and is trapped by the debris tray along the bottom. Simple yet very effective. This design allows the SolaSkimmer to move very slowly around your pool making it highly effective in picking up the tiniest of debris. It will trap very small bugs like ants as well as pick up large leaf debris.


I like the simple design of this cleaner. As it approaches a corner or a pool edge the infrared sensors will detect the edge and a jet in front will activate. This jet of water will spin the cleaner and thus keeping it from getting stuck. I found that these sensors were very effective in detecting the pool edge and the cleaner did not get stuck anywhere in the pools I tested it in.


It is better to run the SolaSkimmer with the pool pump off. This will prevent the cleaner from getting hung up in the skimmer as the pump draws water in. This will also allow you to maximize your pools skimming time as the cleaner will skim the pool all day and you can run the pump at night to continue skimming with the pool's skimmer. If you have a variable speed pump the SolarSkimmer will allow you to run your pump at a lower speed for longer periods of time and will help reduce your energy cost.


The gray color scheme is also very nice and will be perfect for those pools with darker colored plaster. It is also very easy to put in your pool and remove from the pool when you want to go swimming. To start the cleaner just hit the very simple silver button. This button will also turn the cleaner off. The gray color scheme is also very nice and will be perfect for those pools with darker colored plaster.


It only takes about 4 hours of direct Sunlight to fully charge the SolaSkimmer or if you like you can plug it in and charge it. I think it is a great option to be able to charge the cleaner on cloudy days or those long Winter days without sunshine. This is also a great option f your pool remains in the shade most of the day.


Bottom line, this is a great affordable Solar-Powered pool surface cleaner that you will be very happy with. You can purchase it directly from their website or from






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