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This is the Swimming Pool Learning App which is a free App for your phone or device. It brings all my resources and more under one easy to navigate App. While you are in the App you can navigate between my videos, website, Blog, Podcast and more seamlessly.

Here is a list of the home buttons in the App:


SPL: These are my most popular Website Pages on one screen for you to access. Including a page for my eBook and print book, Top Suction Cleaners, Top Robotic Cleaners and more.


YouTube: You can go to my English or Spanish Channel from here. You can also view the YouTube Video Index that I have created with over 800 videos listed here in alphabetical order. So, if you are watching a video and need to look up another video you can do all of this in the app.


Podcast: This button takes you to a list of sites that carry my Pool Guy Podcast Show. Including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and the Podcast hosting site BuzzSprout. You can listen to my Podcast from any of these sites. There is also a link to my Podcast Website to learn more about my podcast.


Blogger: This button takes you to my popular Blogger with over 1 Million Page Views and growing. There is also a link for the YouTube Vidoe Index which is hosted on my Blog.


Coaching: I offer coaching to pool service professionals and also homeowners. Here you can find the link to join my coaching site, a link to my caching website and a link to my Pool Service Professional Group SPSPA.


Facebook: This button takes you directly to my Facebook page where you can like and comment on my posts.


Twitter: This button takes you to my Twitter Feed


Find a Pool Pro: From this button, you can find a pool service provider in your area. I have the companies that I endorse listed by State and city. Simply click on the city in your area to find a trusted local pool service.


SPSPA Forum: This is an online forum that I have created where you can post questions and comments and have a pool service professional give you solid advice to solve your problem. Join today and start posting.


INYOPools: This link will take you to my partner pool store where you can safely shop for over 50,000 pool parts.


Chem Dosage: Here I have three of the popular sites where you can check how much chemicals to add to balance your swimming pool or spa. They are the Pool Calculator, Orenda, and AquaChek. Use any of the three to help balance your pool water.


Resources: This button takes you to some of the popular resources for your pool care and pool service business.


They include

SPPA General Liability Insurance

National Pool Route Sales

CPO Certification

LSI Calculator

Website Builder

Pool Size Calculator

Pool Route Management Software



Manufacturers: Here is a list of manufacturers and small pool product companies that I endorse. This button will take you to their websites, so you can learn more about each company.


They Include






Advantage Manufacturing

Water Tech


Remington Solar

Mako Bags






Contact: From here you can send me an email or visit my main website.


So, you can see that this is a powerful free App that can help you with both your pool care and your pool service business. I wanted to keep it free for you to use so I am absorbing all of the cost of hosting and creating the app. The annual cost is over $500 for the App and hosting but as long as there are enough users downloading and using the App I will continue to keep it up in all of the App Stores. Show your appreciation by sharing the link and having your friends download it as well.

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