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There are a few things that sets the WaterGuru apart from other smart pool monitors. It is designed to replace your skimmer lid so that there are no floating monitors in the pool, it stays hidden in your skimmer. There is also no monthly subscription fee for the device. The test cassette lasts up to 8 weeks with one water test per day (although you can do a test on-demand at any time with a press of a button).


The WaterGuru test for Free Chlorine, pH, water temperature, and flow. One test is run each day with the pool on and running. In the app you will need to set the optimal time for the Water Guru to run the test, I set mine for 1:30 pm when I know the pool will be running during its normal cycle. Each cassette will last for 8 weeks and the replacement cost is very minimal if broken down over 2 months. It works out to about .30 cents per day to test these for factors (FC, pH, Temp, Flow -GPM).

Is the WaterGuru accurate? In my testing, it matched up very well against the Sutro and my ColorQ 2x Pro 7 photometer. For various reasons, you will not get the test results to match up exactly except for maybe in the lab. Each device takes a water sample from a different part of the pool, even right next to each other. They also use different photometer devices to read the results, but they all came in within the margin of error in my testing. The WaterGuru is accurate.


What I like about the device is that it does not require a monthly or yearly subscription. You just purchase the unit at the current price of $295.00 and then a new cassette every 8 weeks. It is also backed by a one-year replacement warranty. 4 “C” batties will also need to be replaced and the app keeps track of the battery life for you. A very affordable device.


The app for the WaterGuru to me is better than the discontinued pHin. It is also easy to set up if you have a solid router. I use the NETGEAR - Nighthawk AX4200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router which is a $200 router and the setup was fairly flawless. I just had to connect with my phone right on top of the Water Guru device, but once the wifi was connected it seems to maintain a good connection. It helps that my router is about 20 ft from my pool skimmer, where the WaterGuru is installed. A wifi extender may be needed in some cases.


It works with patented technology “Optical sensor precisely reads the color of each measurement pad, registering small changes indiscernible to the naked eye.” It is made to last, “Made from laminated-glass components to ensure stability in chlorinated water.”

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