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Dogs, Birds and Critters on my Pool Route

Here are some videos I shot on the dogs and critters on my pool route. One thing I love about this job is the dogs and other animals that I run into working in the San Gabriel Valley. In the Foothills there are deers and coyotes and in Arcadia hundreds of Peacocks. The customer's dogs are of course my favorite and I always find time to play and pet with them.

Here are two videos covering some of the dogs on my pool route. 

Here is my Parrot that I rescued in Pasadena Ca. He is quite the character and a great pet.

Got a problem with Ducks visiting your pool? Some people like them but they can make a big mess of things. Here is how to get rid of them in a friendly way. 

Here is my favorite video - rescue of  a squirrel,

some ducks and the famous Peacocks of Arcadia Ca. Thr last sceen is my favorite critter of all.

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