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A Liability Policy is very inexpensive and there is no reason not to have one. I learned this almost the hard way. I had a customer accuse me of leaving her gate open, luckily there was no incident. But it wasn't me who did it. I just shook that off as a one time deal. Then six years ago I had another customer accuse me of leaving the pool fill water on. This one was more complicated and messy and made me see the need to get some type of coverage. Now I have no worries out there in the field and can sleep easy at night.



Liability Insurance is just a way of transferring risk from you to someone with deeper pockets. It is the same reason why you drive around with $500,000 in auto insurance and why you have fire insurance for your home. You couldn't afford to pay a claim in those two instances and you certainly can't afford to pay a $50,000 or a $1 million dollar claim against your pool service business.


That is why I highly recommend a General Liability Insurance policy. I have a great relationship with a local company here which offers the best rates and uses only "A" rated underwriters. To learn more about the policies offered by SPPA you can visit their website:

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