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"A Group of Pool Professionals with Unmatched Knowledge"

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Founding Member: David Van Brunt

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I am a Pool Service Professional with over 25 years of practical experience. I currently maintain a pool route. I have extensive experience in water chemistry, automatic cleaners, pool filtration, pool equipment, and automated systems. I am the creator of the #1 Swimming Pool YouTube Channel with over 72,000 Subscribers and 40 Million Video views. I am also the author of the book, "Swimming Pool Care 'The Essential Guide' Pool Care Made Easy"


I created this group so that you can grow in knowledge as a pool professional and also have the ability to get one-on-one help on the spot while you are out in the field. With over 230 Members and growing, we are here to help each other grow as a business and as a professional trade.  I am available to help you with every aspect of the pool service business. 

About the Group

With over 230 Members and growing, we are here to help each other grow as a business and as a professional trade. We have members from all over the country and the world from as far away as Australia to Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, Connecticut and more!


What makes SPSPA unique is that we connect with each other online and through texting and calling. The group is hosted on the #GroupMe App and once you become a member you are invited into the group texting thread. In this thread, you can post questions and also get questions answered on the spot by the members of the group. This makes response times much faster than emailing or Facebook posting that other groups rely on. 



For the pool service professional, this makes membership in SPSPA invaluable. Joining the group will make you more knowledgeable and more competitive in your market. 



For the pool service customer, this means that your pool service company will be able to provide you with the best and most up-to-date service in your area. Backed by the members in this group, your pool is not just being serviced by one technician but by many with a combined experience of 100 years of service in the industry. You can rest assured that your pool is being serviced by a pool professional that is backed up by a group of service professionals that can treat and solve any pool related problem. You can also rest assured that when your pool service company is a member of SPSPA that they also are covered with a General Liability Insurance Policy through one of the leading insurance agencies in the service industry, SPPA. This policy covers your pool service company in the event of a claim for damage due to a liability issue for up to $1 million dollars per occurrence. 


As a customer of a pool service company that is a member of SPSPA you are backed by both a group of pool service professionals and professional insurance. Ask your pool service company today if they are a member of SPSPA. 




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Manufacturers in the group

There are also several manufacturers in the group who can answer product questions for you in the group chat.

If you are a manufacturer and are interested please feel free to join and become a member of SPSPA.


Matt Lopez Vice President and Co-Owner of Riptide Vacuum Systems

Matt handles the website and logistics for the entire operation. He has years of online marketing/sales experience.

He knew right away that he could provide a better customer experience than the competition.                                     

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The Riptide Pool Vacuum started with a simple idea, that we could design and manufacture

a better commercial pool cleaner. We used the latest technologies such as

CAD and 3D Printing allowing us to make several prototypes, ensuring perfection before

going into production. Today we have reached our goal. There is not a pool cleaner on the market that comes close to the Riptide! 


Glen Heffernen Owner of Bottom Feeder

Bottom Feeder Professional Vacuum System

The Bottom Feeder® is so lightweight, portable, and easy to use we’ve highlighted some of its advantages:
The best way to carry from the truck to pool efficiently and in one trip
Quick and easy assembly instructions to get the job started and finished fast
How to use the different attachments for varying conditions and debris                         

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Reggie Paladino Owner of Mako Bags

The manufacturer of high quality replacement bags for your Pool Vacuum System.


Cameron Craig Creator of AqauSuite

AquaSuite which is a powerful Management software for your pool service business. AquaSuite will allow you to manage, track, record and invoice your service accounts. AquaSuite does everything to make your pool service company successful and easy to run. To learn more go to


Taylor Technologies

The Most Trusted Name in Water Testing

For more than 85 years, Taylor Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of products for analyzing water chemistry. Whether industrial, commercial, or residential applications—Taylor is committed to providing the highest-quality products, along with superb customer service.              

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Primate Pool Tools

Joe DiAnna, the founder of Primate Pool Tools, has over 30 years of experience in the pool service industry and used his knowledge as a pool tech to design the first carbon fiber service pole in the industry. Arguably the most important tool in the pool service business, Joe believes everybody should own a pole that delivers excellent performance and long-lasting durability.             



PoolRx is a Mineral Technology does two very simple things when used in your pool or spa; it eliminates all algae and will allow you to use less chlorine during the pool season. The active ingredient is Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated). Keeping your pool algae free all season long!           

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Skimlite pool poles have been made here in the USA since 1954. The most trusted brand of pool pole on the market today. Manufacturer of both Professional Poles and Homeowner Poles, find the right pole from Skimlite today. The most durable and long-lasting pole on the market.          


Pool Route Business Management Software: Save Time and Stay Organized

Being a power user has never been so easy! Manage your routes, employees, billing, collections, and repairs like a pro! Online Invoicing & Online Payments Included!
Customers receive their invoices instantly! You collect online payments within minutes of signing up!


eXact iDip Testers

Industrial Test Systems, Inc., was established in 1989 by Ivars and Daryl Jaunakais. in Rock Hill, SC. ITS is a leading American manufacturer of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality parameters. We service numerous industries; municipal water treatment, food beverage, trucking & automotive, pond & aquarium, pool & spa, educational, and medical diagnostics. ITS has developed over 100 tests and proprietary chemistries many covered by our U.S. and World-wide patents and ETV/USEPA performance verified tests. We are proud to have developed the first and only USEPA approved test strip.         

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Pool Calculator

At Pool Calculator, we believe in community involvement through the creation of chemically sound swimming environments. Pool Calculator provides the necessary tools and pool maintenance info you need to keep your swimming pool & hot tub water clear and balanced. With a strong sense of community at the forefront of our business, our goal is to help answer your pool chemical & maintenance questions.          


Remington Solar

Joe DiAnna, the founder of Primate Pool Tools, has over 30 years of experience in the pool service industry and used his knowledge as a pool tech to design the first carbon fiber service pole in the industry. Arguably the most important tool in the pool service business, Joe believes everybody should own a pole that delivers excellent performance and long-lasting durability.             


SweepEase Brushes

The SweepEase Pool Brush is a great product that will make brushing your pool easy and more effective. It is designed to use the water to increase the pressure against the brush, pushing down onto the surface. This makes for easier brushing and much more powerful brushing. Now sold under the StingRay name! Same brush with a new look!     

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Pool Trader

Buy, sell & trade pool accounts! The purpose of this app is to get every pool company in the nation to work with each other to maximize profit and most importantly minimize time spent between each stop. How awesome would it be to have your daily route in the same zip code or neighborhood? Or even better THE SAME STREET.
It’s possible, ONLY if we work together to accomplish the universal goal.

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PoolLab 1.0

The Pool Lab 1.0 is a new product for the USA and comes to us from Germany. It is a very well-constructed and simple to use Photometer pool and spa water tester. It is completely waterproof so you would simply dip it into the pool to retrieve the water sample and then use the tablet reagent to run the test. After the test is done the digital display will let you know the exact level of the test factor you were checking. It also can send the test results to your phone or device via Bluetooth through the Lab connect app and you can store the readings in the app or online in the cloud           


Sealey Business Brokers

Arif Sealey started Sealey Business Brokers to meet the route buying and selling needs of business owners throughout Texas. Arif spent 11 years in the U.S. Army serving as an installation finance officer. He left the Army to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and purchased a small pool route in Texas.  Arif believes that entrepreneurship is the key to financial freedom and anyone can learn the skills needed to be successful.        

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SPPA General Liability Insurance

We are an alliance dedicated to the niche insurance needs of the pool and spa professional industry. We will fight for you. We will protect you. We will be here for you. Very few programs out there show you extraordinary service-before and after the membership and insurance are in effect. Our mission is to make sure you as a customer not only are getting the best customer support but also having peace of mind that your alliance is your voice and always fighting for your program and insurance needs. Through the Program SPPA, we tailored and customized three insurance options to pick from. We proudly insure pool and spa professionals in every state of the United States with the exception of New York. We listen to our members and with over 30 years of encompassing the Pool and Spa industry, we know the needs of Pool and Spa Professionals. We believe you should be part of an alliance dedicated to leadership. Learning the industry’s challenges requires a syndicated effort, and we have a place for all of today’s pool, spa service, and repair professionals.         

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Disclaimer: Swimming Pool Service Pro Association does not sell general liability insurance directly but uses the servcies of SPPA.

Leslie's Wholesale

Leslie’s has been providing quality products and services to commercial customers since 1963. If you shop our stores now or have shopped them in the past, we can promise that the same great service and selection you’re accustomed to has been expanded for commercial customers. We offer many convenient ways for you to purchase your pool supplies including our retail stores, eCommerce department, in-market Commercial Accounts Executives and regional Commercial Service Center warehouses.

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