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Episode Index

Episode Index by Subject:

Since there are now over 200 Podcasts, finding a subject by episode may become harder and eliminate the need for you to scroll through the podcast episodes one by one, I have created this Podcast Index for you by subject. 

the index can be found on my Blog here:

episode intex h.jpg

Here is a sample of the index for you so you get the idea. Each podcast is listed in alphabetical order under each subject for you. As the podcasts expand I will also expand the subjects so that new episodes are easy to find.  



Algae in my Pool Every Week? (Episode 125):

In this episode, I discuss why your pool is getting algae in it every week. I offer some helpful tips on how to tread it and get rid of it for good.


Basic Pool Chemistry (Episode 1)

In this episode I introduce my Podcast to the listener, share a little about my experience and background and cover basic pool chemistry for you.


Benefits of Adding Borates to Your Pool (Episode 105) : 

In this episode, I go over some of the great Benefits of Adding Borates to your pool to bring it to 30-50 ppm. Adding Borates is a great way to Buffer the pH and save on chemical costs.


Borates: How Far Can You Push a Pool with Borates in it? (Episode 179)

In this podcast, I share some results in my testing of a pool with a borate level of 40 ppm. I let the chlorine zero out for a week in 90-degree weather. Listen to see how the pool turned out.


Cloudy Pool Water 101: Cloudy Pool Water Causes and Cures (Episode 43): 

In this episode I cover some of the causes of cloudy pool water and I offer you some ways to easily cure it. There are only a few reasons why your pool water may be cloudy and I go over the most common reasons and offer you some tips on reversing this so that you can have crystal clear blue water again.


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