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Testimonials - Success Stories: Here is a sampling of those I have helped thru my YouTube Channel, website and eBook.  I don't offer any fancy tricks but practical advice that comes from years of pool service experience. If you need help feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. 

Green Pool & Ascorbic Acid Treatment - Nikki in Arkansas

This was a tough one. 25,000-gallon fiberglass pool was green on opening in May.

Freezing Temperatures all Winter so the pool was just left to fend for itself. I walked Nikki through the green pool clean-up over the phone & through e-mails. After she cleared it up using regular Clorox bleach I walked her through the Ascorbic Acid treatment to remove the stains on the Fiberglass. She did a great job.


“Thank you David for all your help! ? I got all the stains out with just the plain bottle vitamin C!” - Nikki

After three weeks and the Ascorbic Acid Treatment - Pool is looking great.

The BBB Method of Pool Care

bbb methos.jpg

Here is a photo of a pool sent in by Jayson W. He successfully balanced the pool using the BBB Method. Bleach, Baking Soda & Borax. As you can see from the photo the pool looks crystal clear.

Using the BBB Method is easy and produces great results.

Extreme Acid Wash - by Manny

Manny started his Acid Wash after watching my video. His pool had some serious metal staining and rough areas. He was about to give up when he e-mailed me. I had him increase his Acid to water ratio and also advised he rent a power sander to smooth out the rough areas. It turned out great with a lot of work by him.


“I warmed up the pool and my grandson is outside having a blast. thanks again for the feedback. I couldn't get answers to my questions in the pool stores so i figured i would try the internet. i am glad i did=0)” - Manny 

Pool Valve Troubleshooting: Which way do I turn these Darn Things!

I get this e-mail often. Usually from someone who just bought a house with a pool and this is the first time they have ever seen the equipment...

Stacy just moved in and noticed the spa was draining when the pool turned on and the pool was not flowing. She sent me this photo of here pool valves. I noticed that it was in Spa Suction Mode and instructed her on how to turn it back to pool mode.

“Thank you for all your help your an angel. The pool is running spa not draining” - Stacy M.

Athena moved into a house and used my videos to clear up the pool which was green. But she couldn't set the pool suction to vacuum. I walked her through turning off the main drain and one of the two skimmers so she could vacuum the pool up. A little complicated but she did it


“Thank you soooooooo much it all worked :) you are the best!” -Athena K

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