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The Solar-Breeze NX Robotic Surface Pool Cleaner is the latest generation of the Solar-Breeze cleaner. This was the first cleaner of this kind and it has been on the market now longer than any other similar product. This is a great way to keep the surface of your pool free of debris and give it that glass like look all day long.


If you purchase it directly from Solar-Breeze you can use my discount code to save 5% and also receive free shipping. With the 5% discount I think this will be the lowest price available to you, but also check as the prices there tend to go up and down and you might just catch it on a down week.


The Solar-Breeze automatic pool skimmer is a smart robot, powered by the sun. Without you skimming or netting your pool, the Solar_Breeze NX removes 90-95% of all debris, including leaves, pollen, dust and suntan oils from the surface of your pool before it sinks to the bottom. It has no hoses or cords, all of this is done from the solar panels on top which power the Solar Breeze NX.


Using the Solar-Breeze NX means that less debris needs to be cleaned from the bottom of your pool and fewer bacteria grows in your pool during the day when most people have their filtration system turned off. Solar-Breeze NX owners are able to reduce their pool pump run time by as much as 1/2 to 2/3. This results in a lot of money saved in your electricity bill as your pool pump accounts for 40% of your Summer energy use.


A rear paddle powers the unit through the water, while a front paddle scoops the surface debris into a collection chamber. It filters the water through an ultra-fine nylon mesh, preventing 90-95% of dust and debris from re-entering your pool. Powered bumper wheels on the front corners of the Solar-Breeze NX rotate and re-direct the unit each time it connects with the pool wall.


The unit needs to operate in all sizes and shapes of pools. Sensors and software allow the robot to know when it is no longer making forward progress and instructs it to backup and turn slightly to extract itself. There is also a programmed back-up cycle to ensure that the robot covers the entire surface of the pool every 2 hours. Recent software improvements include a Hunt-for-Sun modification to reduce the amount of power drawn by the motors creating greater energy efficiency.


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When you order direct at and use discount code: mrdgvb1

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