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Post all of your Business and Marketing questions here from Pricing to Software and everything in between.

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From choosing the right cleaner for your customer's pool to troubleshooting a cleaner

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Post all of your pool equipment questions here including installation, repairs, troubleshooting and more

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All questions about water chemistry and pool water quality issues from cloudy water, green pools and test kits

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This is were those new to the pool service business can ask anything without feeling judged

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Questions about filter types, filter issues, filter cleaning and pool flow issues

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  • Looking to purchase a new propane pool/spa heater for an in ground pool. I live in Florida where the sun pretty much heats the pool, so I would use it for the spa. I think I'm between the Pentair Master Temp 250 and the Hayward H250. Wondered if anyone had an opinion on these two with respect to durability and performance, or if there is another brand/model that is even better than these two. Probably looking to spend around $2000 at most. Thank you.
  • I’ve been battling this issue for the past 2 seasons. This is what I have in a nutshell. Vinyl inground pool about 30k gallons with a gas heater (which my wife loves to run all the time). With that being said. Once the pool is open I will have to back flush the DE filter just about every 2 weeks because the operating pressure will go from about 19 psi to 30 psi. I tried some new things last year, but it didn‘t seem to help. 1. I switched from Sam‘a chlorine tablets to Biogaurd 3 in 1 tablets
  • I recently bought a house that came with an inground, vinyl lined pool. I've been told that some pool vacs can actually damage vinyl liners. Any thoughts on the ones to use and ones to avoid if you have a pool with a vinyl liner?
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